5 Camping Essentials You Should Be Taking Outdoors

Few experiences can compare to an outdoor adventure and the opportunity to escape the increasingly busy nature of life and rough it outdoors with yourself, your family and the camping essentials you can’t live without.

Whether you are someone who enjoys hiking, hunting, trail running or even just the social aspect of camping, the outdoors is such a rewarding place to spend time and forget about the daily nuances that we all know can feel frustrating at times.

With this in mind, let us take a look at some of the most practical camping essentials you should take into the outdoors:

5 Camping Essentials You Should Take Outdoors

Head Torch

In case you might be asking yourself, we are not suggesting that the torch is overlooked as an essential for camping. However, it must be said there is a gulf in difference between a traditional torch or light and a head torch.camping essentials

Simply put, headlamps free the hands which are obviously necessary for most activities. Take cooking for example, when you need to direct the light but cut, prepare or cook at the same time.

Similarly, putting up the tent after dark can be quite a frustrating process without the assistance of a head torch, and the same can be said about venturing out to the “bathroom”.

While just about any head torch is better than none at all, the Petzl Actik Core and Black Diamond Spot are two of the most popular head torches for camping currently on the market.


When it comes to survival, this is arguably one of the most important camping accessories. In this respect, the blade can be used as a reflector while a decent survival knife is necessary to create a shelter in the wild.

At the same time, there are endless benefits of a knife even outside of a survival situation. For example, this durable piece of outdoor gear is usually lightweight and can be used to construct a fire or create skewers for a barbecue.

With this in mind, a sharp knife is also useful for food preparation, opening tins, cutting paracord or first aid accessories such as moleskin and bandages.

Either way, taking a knife into the outdoors is a smart move, and considering the small nature of most knives, there is really no good reason not to have one in your backpack.

Waterproof gear

Expecting the unexpected is usually the best approach to take with camping, and this is certainly true when camping in the wild.

Weather is often the variable which can have drastic consequences, but then even a brief rain shower can have a rather serious impact on the unprepared hiker. That is to say; if you find yourself hiking in the rain and without durable waterproof gear, you are asking for trouble.

While this may not be so important on a short hike and within walking distance of your vehicle, the consequences of wet gear and conditions are not to be taken lightly on an overnight trip. In short, to avoid sleepless nights, illness or even serious dangers such as hypothermia you need to stay dry and remove unnecessary risks.

With the right waterproof pants and jacket, you can at least ensure that the clothing underneath remains dry and comfortable for when you get into the tent later that day.

Portable Stove

camping essentialsIf you plan to prepare food in the outdoors and choose ingredients which require cooking, taking a portable stove is always a good idea. While you can sometimes build a fire at camp, there is always the possibility of weather or conditions which may prevent you from doing so. Even damp conditions can prove challenging when it comes to starting a fire, and unfortunately, this is also a process which many first-timers underestimate.

That being said, portable stoves are so incredibly compact and lightweight that they can fit comfortably in almost any backpacking setup. In fact, the Etekcity is super light in weight and consists of a measly five inches in length.

Instead of relying on the forecast or hoping for favorable weather, taking a portable stove can remove the guesswork and ensure you can enjoy a warm meal regardless of the conditions.

Columbia Outdry (Trail Shoes)

camping essentialsWhen Columbia released their latest trail show, most outdoor enthusiasts were unaware of the term “Outdry.” Essentially, this word refers to a system which allows perspiration to escape the shoe while also keeping water and moisture out. For this reason, Columbia has created one of the leading trail shoes on the market and a particular model which performs in challenging conditions.

Of course, every trail shoe will have a particular advantage or feature, and most of the top brands offer reliable models.

With that said the importance of decent trail shoes should never be underestimated when camping or taking an adventure outdoors. After all, you are likely to spend most of this time on your feet!

Do you have any favorite camping essentials that you take into the outdoors? Please let us know in the comments.

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