5 Jobs Where Serving and Protecting Is a Day’s Work

5 Jobs Where Serving and Protecting Is a Day's Work

Not all jobs are built equally and some are definitely more demanding than others. Whether it is a career that is harsh on your body, time, or resources, there’s often a give and take to career fields that are high in action and intensity.

These also generally require a greater deal more preparedness than the typical job description would entail. There’s generally a high demand for these jobs, no matter where you live, due to the high demand for individuals with survival abilities, a sharp mind, and toughness. Here we will go over five jobs that deal with emergency situations on a daily basis.


With firefighter jobs, there is a lot going on at once. Firefighters are required to really have a sharp mind and to keep on their feet. Not staying aware and prepared for anything at any given point can mean the difference between life and death, either their own or someone who they are aimed at saving.

Those who choose to work in this field must undergo rigorous training, stay fit and healthy at all times, and have everything they need on hand and at arm’s reach. Firefighters have to be ready to get suited up, in the truck, and headed right for anything that calls to them at any moment.

Their equipment is often heavy and includes many objects that need to be in the right places. Putting things right back where you find them is absolutely necessary when working as a firefighter.

Police Officer

The line of work for a police officer is often fraught with highly dangerous situations. Given that this is the case, police offers are required to be equipped with the right tools and weapons to use at the right time. The offense is just as important as a defense when working as an officer of the law. Similar to firefighters, if a police offer is not staying sharp and alert with all of the tools they need, then an event that happens in the blink of an eye can jeopardize their lives and their missions to serve and protect the general public. A level head is likely the most important thing for a police officer to always be prepared with. As long as they are on the job, a police officer needs to have the ability to keep their wits about them and to have nerves of steel. Without proper coordination, it would lead to negative results should they need to use their firearm for any situation.

Security Officer

Some of the places where security officers work are extremely dangerous. Depending on the location, a security officer could run into certain situations that would ordinarily require more heavy duty help, such as something that a police officer would be more equipped to handle. It’s not uncommon for security officers to have to handle very testy or high intense situations where any wrong move could potentially cause them their life.

Thankfully, this doesn’t happen to every security officer but there are some who are stationed in locations where aggressive crime is more common to see. People can be unpredictable. When a security officer is the only thing keeping a violent situation under control and with little more than a taser or pepper spray in hand to do so, sometimes they’re ill-equipped to handle an armed situation for example, which can lead to devastating outcomes. This is a fact to think about when comparing a security officer to the work of a police officer.

Life Guard

A lifeguard is often a part-time position held by teens or young adults, but no matter the individual’s background, they will need to possess a sense of immense responsibility in this position. They need to be prepared with a floating device, to be dressed for the occasion that they will need to jump into the pool to save someone, and to be equipped with the correct knowledge of the steps to take in the case of saving someone who is drowning. This means having proper CPR certification and to be kept up to date on current procedures of resuscitation and how to take care of someone who is in a potentially life-threatening position.


Paramedics have to be quick on their feet and to react to emergency situations that require their immediate attention. There are many things that paramedics have to always be equipped with, including resuscitation equipment that needs to be always in working conditions and any knowledge of the right steps to take, depending on the emergency type.

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