5 Reasons Why You Need A Gun While Hiking & Camping

5 Reasons Why You Need A Gun While Hiking & Camping

Hiking and backpacking can be a lot of fun. Some people pick up the love for hiking as kids, while others are introduced to this refreshing activity as adults. If you are a frequent hiker, you would know how fun it is exploring new trails. Unfortunately, with exploring new trails comes unknown dangers. 

Since hiking is solely done in the wilderness, you never know what awaits you. Hence, keeping a gun or a firearm for worst-case scenarios and for self-defense is only justified. 

A large number of people are against the idea of carrying a gun, especially in the wilderness when you go out to have fun. While we understand why someone would like to stay away from weapons, the need to carry a gun when you go out camping or hiking is quite evident.

In fact, some people believe that it is nothing less than a necessity. You might face some unforeseen situations where self-defense is important, especially if you are out with family and you have more people to protect. 

Some people think carrying a knife or a dagger is more than enough, but since it does not have a large radius of impact and you have to get up close and personal to use it, it cannot protect you the way a gun does. 

So, let’s look at some reasons why it may be a good idea to carry a gun when you go hiking:

Wild Animals

We hope you don’t run into any while you are on your hiking trip, but since you are going to invade their territory, you will most likely find one in the vicinity of your trail. Unless you are as brave as this hiker who fought and killed a mountain lion he encountered hiking, we suggest that you carry a gun.

A dagger or any other tool will not protect you when it comes to aggressive animals with claws.

Bear encounters while trekking or hiking is pretty common especially in America. Black bears and grizzly bears are the most common types of bears and can grow up to 6 feet tall. 

According to statistics, at least three fatal bear attacks happen per year in the States. In case of an encounter, we don’t recommend shooting on sight, only resort to your firearm in case you have no other option left. 

Apart from bears, people also encounter alligators (near rivers and lakes), coyotes, wolves, and sometimes snakes. Having a gun by your side will ensure safety. Plus, you do not always have to use a gun to kill the attacker, you can even use the weapon to scare the animal off.

Security Against Offenders

Believe it or not, since hiking trails are usually quiet and away from the city, it is not uncommon for offenders and criminals to use them as a hiding place. In most cases, they do not harm hikers, but it is better to be safe than being sorry. 

Plus, you do not know when you may get into trouble. Having a gun will give you an edge. Not to keep you away from hiking, but about 11 people have been killed at the Appalachian Trail, including harassers and victims. 

In situations like these, it is advised that you try to diffuse the situation by first trying to talk to the other person and resort to your gun as a last option. 

Boosts Your Confidence

The thought of being vulnerable is always the worst thing for your confidence. Having a gun with you will make you feel confident. In 90% of the cases, people don’t even find anything remotely harmful on their way, but you have to be prepared for the remaining 10%. 


If you ever get lost with no food, you will have no option but to hunt or forage. This is when your gun will turn out to be very useful. 

It is best to use a hunting rifle but since it may not be the best weapon to carry to a camping trip, we suggest that you opt for a concealable pistol.

Helps if you Get Lost

If you ever get lost in the jungle, you can use the sound generated by a gun to help others find you.

A gun does nothing but helps you stay prepared for unforeseen situations. 

Camping can be quite fun for the whole family, but some people, especially children, can be scared of going out in the open. Having a gun by your side will give you the confidence to make them feel comfortable. As a result, your trip will go smooth and easy.

However, it is important that you never let anyone else control the gun. A weapon can be dangerous if left in the hands of someone who doesn’t know how to use it. 

Pick The Right Gun

It is important that you carry a gun that is easy to carry and hide. Do not make the mistake of choosing a very heavy gun as it will add to the weight and make it difficult to climb mountains. Plus, a big gun can be hard to hide and may give wrong signals to others.


Before leaping into buying a gun, check if the authorities in your area allow possessing and carrying a weapon. If it is prohibited in your area, then you will have no choice but to invest in a good dagger. However, in most cases you will be allowed to carry a gun for as long as you have a valid license.

This article by no means implies violence or unnecessary use of guns. Firearms should be used as a last resort.

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  1. TheSouthernNationalist


    Should I ever go out into the wild I’ll carry my 9mm Ruger and my .357 magnum revolver as a back up. I don’t care for what the law says on carrying, its my life and the ones I care for that I will be defending, any anti gun cop or politician can just kiss you know what.

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