Hangover Cures: 6 Preparations You Need To Avoid Suffering A Hangover

So you have been invited to an office party at your new job, its New Year’s Eve or it’s a weeknight and you know you have to be able to perform the next day without the dreaded hangover effect from those extra drinks you managed to fit in. What hangover cures can you have in place to make sure you are not suffering the next day?

Of course, the primary way to escape any hangover is by not drinking, or just having one or two drinks. But let’s face it, for a lot of us, hangovers are an illness that every person experiences at least once in life, and it’s something that we bring on ourselves so we have complete control (hopefully) in the demise of our nighttime activities and next day performances.

So with the control of when our hangovers happen, and how strong they are, we can also make some preparations to avoid their impact or their effect altogether.

Six hangover cures that will help you perform the day after

Hangovers can dampen the mood of a day greatly, affecting our energy levels, immune system and causing fatigue and a lack of concentration. They are just not pleasant. But it is even worse when there is a need to function the next day, or when you want to enjoy it.

For most of us, periods around the festive season are always lively and cheery but it is difficult to see that way when you have the dark and somewhat foggy as your body recovers from the war the night before.

So let’s take a look at some simple methods of preparedness, that we, as daily preppers, use to battle the hangover, and make sure that you are fine, fit and healthy for the next day’s activities.

1. Kill it with water!

Hydration is key for hangovers. Drinking more water before you start consuming alcohol will ensure you do not suffer from dehydration, as alcohol is a strong diuretic. Because of those effects of alcohol, you start to use the toilet more when you drink causing the body loses more fluids, so it is definite that you need to replenish the body with that liquid by increasing your water intake.

Sure, hangovers aren’t solely caused by dehydration, but that dehydration does cause headaches, fatigue and a dry mouth, which are all of the biggest factors when looking at the symptoms of general hangovers.

A good rule to stick by to remain well-hydrated, while consuming alcohol, is to drink a glass of water between each alcoholic drink and to consume at least two glasses of water before going to sleep. This will keep you well-hydrated overnight while you are sleeping and will assist your body in recovery.

2. Vitamins are your friends

So we know water is important, but the body’s essential vitamins and minerals can also be a big help.

First, vitamins are a great way to ensure your body keeps the water that you are drinking in between your alcoholic drinks. This is especially the case for alcohol as a diuretic as you want your body to keep that water rather than depleting it.

Supplements that assist the body in retaining water are magnesium, milk thistle, and B and C vitamins.

Another way to boost the nutrients in your body is to also drink acai berry drinks or pomegranate juice before you head out.

3. Eat food

Forget the healthy food, alcohol is a beast that feeds on sinful food and is one of the most common hangover cures. But this is only for preparation (before you go out). After the event, when you are already suffering from a hangover, fried foods are considered to be more harmful than good.

So what foods should you consider prior to a hangover? The ideal things you should be eating prior to a night out is a meal high in carbohydrates, protein and fats. If you can, try for a meal that contains red meat, as this will be high in amino acids and B vitamins to help process alcohol.

4. Avoid those ‘congener’ types

Congeners are toxic chemicals formed in small amounts when alcohol is produced. Drinks with a high trace of congeners increase the severity of a hangover, giving you much more intense symptoms than drinks that have a very low count of congeners.Hangover Cures: 6 Preparations You Need To Avoid Suffering A Hangover

The drinks that are high in congeners are:

  • Whiskey (especially bourbon)
  • Cognac
  • Tequila
  • Red wine
  • Rum
  • Scotch
  • Brandy

There is a common thought that dark drinks are the ones to avoid, for the most part on this list, that’s true. That is, except for tequila, which is a clear drink but very high in congeners.

5. Get the hangover prevention formula

Science has come a long way, and there are always innovations being made. But one social problem for a very wide part of the world’s population is the prevention of a hangover. So, of course, there’s an innovation in that, and for what it’s worth, they are not gimmicks but tried and proven treatments by many.

The three best products available for hangover prevention and treatment are:

  1. Detoxx – a vitamin-packed thistle extract formula that supports liver function, replenishes electrolytes and supports the body’s ability to absorb and process alcohol.
  2. LyteShow – a liquid packed with electrolytes to rehydrate the body.
  3. Dihydromyricetin – which reduces alcohol damage to the liver and brain, helps you wake up refreshed and energetic in the morning and is a preventative for hangover symptoms.

As far as hangover cures go, sure everyone knows about water consumption and food, but using these are a surefire way to help your body recover and remain healthy after a night of being social and having a few drinks.

6. Be rested

Yes, sleep sounds like it is completely obvious in the field of hangover cures, but there can be times where we have worked a long week, we are tired and already feeling the effects of a long day at work, and then we go out for a few celebratory drinks. This type of scenario is going to result in a much lower immune system and fatigue levels making you more perceptive to alcohol’s effects while drinking, and suffer a much stronger hangover the next day.Hangover Cures: 6 Preparations You Need To Avoid Suffering A Hangover

Sure, having a big sleep is not going to eliminate the next day’s hangover if you have a big night, but it will improve your ability to consume alcohol without as stronger an effect on your body during and after.

Post drinks, however, rest is much more important as it will help your body recover from the alcohol. This is why staying up late, with alcohol, and then having to rise early the next day begs the question, ‘do I really need to have a drink?’.

In prior preparation, a good rule to prevent poor performance the next day is to make sure you have adequate time to sleep in after drinking alcohol, as it will give your brain and body the rest it needs to function adequately. If not, perhaps it’s ot the right time have a few.

Hangover Cures: 6 Preparations You Need To Avoid Suffering A Hangover
Hangover Cures: 6 Preparations You Need To Avoid Suffering A Hangover
Hangover Cures: 6 Preparations You Need To Avoid Suffering A Hangover


  1. JoEllen

    December 31, 2017 at 8:08 am

    or…maybe just stay sober and protect your brain and liver so you don’t have a hangover in the first place.

    • Ben Brown

      December 31, 2017 at 8:16 am

      Also helps with driving home, rather than waiting for a cab JoEllen!

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