Gray Man Home Security: How To Get Phone Alerts Of A Thief In The Yard

Your home is your castle, and you should be defending it as such with the right home security. That security is a basic element that has developed from a draw-bridge castle with a moat of water, to what we can arm our abodes with in wireless security camera systems that are able to automate the way we watch for thieves and people who would mean to cause us harm.

I am not talking about anything high-tech here either, just a simple method of keeping an eye on any likely avenues of intrusion so that you can rest and know that your family and home is safe and secure. And no, you don’t have to be watching the cameras every day, you have a life, so it’s better if we just let the cameras tell us when there’s an intruder in the yard.

The other side of home security is the gray man aspect. Have you ever seen large security cameras and obstructive industrial fencing sealing off an average looking property? That guy obviously forgot the gray man principle of blending in. To have large cameras and high fencing is to say to potential thieves “I have a lot to steal, so I am protecting it”. You don’t want that. You want to have your home security as such that no-one can even see it. Only you can see them.

Why gray man home security is important

The theory behind the gray man is someone who is capable of everything but humbles himself to be the average of his surrounding environment in order to not garner any unwanted attention. Reflect this into the home security and it makes sense.

Too many times have I seen huge cameras on a place that I would have otherwise never thought that there would be something of value there. The fact that those cameras are there loudly states that the owner has something of enough value to warrant extra security than a fence and a lock on the door.

But we all want to be secure, primarily for our family. But there are other reasons some of us might want to be even more secure whether it be for financial, status, or for when the sh-t hits the fan and you’ve stockpiled a heap of supplies that you want to keep safe. Everyone has their needs for home security.

Home security cover and concealment:

We have spoken about the need to be a gray man when you are building home security but how can you avoid having blazing white security cameras being seen in the front and backyard? Here are three ways.

Using a birdhouse as cover for your security cameras

Simple wall and tree-mounted birdhouses are a very easy way to cover up any security cameras. They can be positioned to face any direction or likely avenue of approach for any would-be thieves and provide a good enough cover during the day for any thieves that might be looking to scope out the place prior to a night raid.

These work especially well with the wireless Arlo cameras, and because of their small, compact, shape they fit into a much smaller birdhouse. As you can see below, in the film The Accountant, the well-disguised high-target accountant also used birdhouses as home security. Even though this is only a Hollywood film, it gives a good representation of how they work.

Using well-designed outdoor lights with built-in smart-cameras

Most people have a security light on their front porch that turns on automatically, but a more primary concern rather than just having a light flicking on and off is having an infrared camera disguised and built into it.

The Kuna light is a stylish outdoor light that comes with a built-in home security camera and two-way intercom and speaker. As soon as it sees someone it can be set to send you an alert on your phone to notify you that someone is walking towards your front door, snooping around the garden or has left a package for you.

What I like about the Kuna, is that for the people who always leave a house for work and have no-one else there, you can speak to that delivery man to tell him to leave the mail in a discrete location, rather than just on the porch. This works well against the whole debacle that happens over stolen mail.

It uses a HD camera and has a siren and smart light control and pairs with the Amazon Alexa to manage your front door security.

Using camera ghillie suits

Some cameras can have additional ghillie skins to be used over the top of them, like these ones for the Arlo camera system. Of course, if you are using these you would want to make sure that your camera is fully weatherproof and able to work with its motion detection during different types of weather.

Personally, I would resort to making my own skins for these cameras if I was to use them without the birdhouse. Why? Because the camouflage or shrub design of the ghillie suit might not be suited to the environment you have in your own yard. Again, it is about allowing the camera to blend into the environment, rather than just being a different shade of camouflage.

The wireless camera to give you instant motion alerts

For the camera I choose to use, it was the Arlo Pro security system. At the moment, this is one of the best selling devices online and is uniquely compatible with voice control from Alexa devices.

For someone with a well-connected home setup, this camera can be operated via voice control to outlay the feed straight through to your TV set or home computer. If you are away from the home a lot and have multiple family members under the one roof, the feed from the camera can be viewed by an unlimited amount of devices. This is great to differentiate for the adults at work to view who is knocking on the door when the kids are at home.

We’ve chosen these cameras for a number of reasons. They are:

  • Free from any wires
  • Work in the dark with IR sensors
  • Motion activated so you are not wasting battery time
  • Outdoor weatherproof cameras
  • Has a built-in mic so you can listen in to what people are saying and you can talk back
  • Has a built-in 100-decibel smart siren
  • Can be live streamed
  • Has long-lasting rechargeable batteries

Extreme home security situational awareness

When it comes to situational awareness, nothing is more important than knowing your surroundings. That is especially the case when it concerns the safety and protection of your family and your home.

As mentioned above, the Arlo Pro security cameras are extremely well-designed and capable of being a great personal security item for the home. But their biggest feature is the automation that they go through to keep you safe.

The Arlo Pro runs on an extremely low sensory setting, and when it detects motion it begins two processes.

Gray Man Home Security: How To Get Phone Alerts Of A Thief In The Yard

First, it sends you an alert, generally as a push message to your phone alerting you to the fact that something is moving in front of your camera. The range on the motion detector is about 10-15 meters, so based on that, two of these in a cross-section view over the yard would be able to cover most vantage points and catch any intruders.

The other part of motion being sensed is that the camera will start recording and provide a live stream of the view of the camera to your phone, computer or any other viewable device, and this is to as many devices as you want. You can choose to back this up or to watch who is being seen by the cameras.

The Arlo is quite well in that it can stream a HD feed of where your camera is set up to your location and this could be either in the house, or even on holidays where you could also view any uninvited guests to your home.

Let me know your thoughts on this topic!