When You Are Robbed Overseas – How To Survive Without Money

Being robbed overseas – a nightmare. How would you survive?

Ever thought about how you would survive without money and you were away from the home on a holiday or while traveling? It’s a nightmare to think of, and after having experienced it myself, I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

It is hard to realize when you have it, but money grants freedom – because without it, you are absolutely stuck.

Being prepared is all about readying yourself for things that can happen. In this post, we address the nightmare, and reality, of being caught, away from home without money. It is a situation that can quickly change a great time overseas, or on holiday, into you being practically homeless and trapped.

How would this happen? Easy. You could be robbed, mugged, or pickpocketed. Even worse, and something that as preppers, we are all too concerned about, is when we suffer an economic collapse, or personal financial downturn, leaving us with an empty wallet.

People already do survive without money

Robbed while overseas

Take the situation in Venezuela. If you haven’t been living under a rock for the past few years you will know that things there are pretty tough. In fact, tough is nowhere near what I would describe it as. Life in Venezuela is hell.

They have been suffering a severe economic collapse, corrupt government, severe food shortages, and desperation. That, and money has become completely useless. They have had to learn how to survive not just on a family level, but as a society, without money.

One of our writers, a Venezuelan prepper, spoke about how he had to find alternative means to make money to support his family. Otherwise, he would end up like many others, having to rely on government handouts, food vouchers, and ultimately starve.

Growing up, we were never taught how to survive without money. When it came to cash, we were taught how to make it, how to spend it wisely, and how to save it. Never, were we taught how to survive without money.

In fact, if we take a look at societal values, living without money runs counter to most of our cultural understandings of success and happiness. The dream for most is to win lotto – money, to get a well-paid job – money.

Happiness is measured by the dollar.

Could you survive without money?

How to survive without money

But, what if you had no option other than to survive without money?

In a more likely event than a financial collapse as bad as what Venezuella has seen, imagine the scenario where you are on vacation, and suddenly you lost your wallet and all of those freedom tickets we call cash are gone. Alternatively, what if someone robbed you, pickpocketed you, and you were stuck in some isolated place?

What would you do? How would you fend for yourself and your family and survive without money? You simply can’t. It’s that ticket to freedom and without it, you are stuck.

As we know, most of the stress in our lives is centered around finance.

Ever wondered why the simple thought of not having enough money looks so scary? It is because we have never imagined ourselves in that way and don’t want to step out of the financial comfort zone.

We are not insane, but we must not ignore the truth that situations like what is going on in Venezuela, or being robbed while overseas, can happen to any of us.

Some people have no option available other than to survive without money, like homeless or jobless people.

So yes, survival without money is possible. You just need to take a different view and aspect on life to do that. Let’s take a look at some of those techniques that will help you face surviving without money, should you ever have to.

How can you survive without money?

If you are stuck in some unknown or isolated place without money, you might not get any help at first.

You might find some nearby people who may or may not understand your language, or ask for money in the return of helping you.

In these situations, the very first thing you have to do is to keep calm and don’t panic. Fear and stress destroy our thinking ability and lead us nowhere. So, you should take a deep breath and try to figure out what can be done.

Personal Security – Safety must be your priority wherever you are. Stay alert. Keep your eyes and ears open. Tighten your bag straps and shoelaces. Keep your valuable belongings and wallet or purse on your body and not in the bag. Don’t wear any luxurious items like expensive watches or gold chains.

In short, you should avoid anything which may lead strangers to think that you have something valuable. This will significantly decrease the chances of a mugging or pickpockets. Also, always carry a knife or a gun (if you have a license and if regulations allow) or an alternative self-defense item if possible.

Insurance – contact your travel insurance agency. If you still have your phone (and it hasn’t been stolen) contact your insurance agency immediately. They will have a backup system for you to access money while overseas. You might also consider calling your bank, as they may have partner banks in the area or country that you are in where you can make an emergency withdrawal of cash. Of course, this would generally need identification, but banks do cater for all scenarios, and not having your wallet is one of them.

Embassy – If you are in a foreign country, get to your embassy. They will help you identify what services are available to you to replace your passport with a temporary one, as well as assist you with other possibilities.

Ask for Help – If you are not stuck in an isolated place or you have reached an area where you can see people, ask them for help. Yes, it might seem like you are asking for a freebie or a handout, but this is an emergency and more often than not, people can be helpful. Find a telephone booth to call for the help. Charge your phone. Try to convince local people that you need a few dollars for transport. If you are still unable to source some money, then you can also swap things you might be carrying. If you have something that you can sell for the money or food – do that.

Prepare a map – If you are a frequent traveler or love adventures, then you may have a map. Take out the map and try to figure out where you have been stuck. Look for the nearest road or a village where you can get some help. If you don’t have the map, then start walking in one direction and look for some hints.

Food and Water – Having a sufficient amount of food and water with you is crucial. So, first of all, take out all the food items you own, juices, and water bottles and ration your meals. If you don’t have enough food, then you must look for food and water in your area. Pick some fruits, leaves, vegetables, or even flowers. Don’t waste food and water even when you feel that you are near your destination.

Shelter – It is essential to have a shelter if you are caught in the wild or in an urban area without money. If you have a tent, then you are set. But, if you have nothing like that, then you have to make one. In the wilderness, shelter making can be easy. In urban areas, as you don’t have money, you can’t afford a guest house or a hotel. However there are many that will let you sleep on their couch, or might have a guest room, should they see that you need help.

Try to Earn Money – You know that you are going to need money to buy get out of the situation you are in. So try to earn money by volunteering at a farm or a restaurant. You can also practice the barter system or some agreement such as if you work six hours a day, the owner must allow you to stay in that farm or his house, or offer you some food.

Learn Survival Skills – Have you ever seen survival shows where they survive without anything? If not, then start watching them as soon as possible. You can pick up a lot of useful survival skills, tips, and tricks to survive in places which seem impossible. Learn self-defense and have some knowledge about the eatable items of jungle or wild areas.

I think these points and practices are directly or indirectly answer the confusion on how to survive without money when you are away from home.

Final Verdict

Learning how to survive when you have no money and are away from the home is a great way to see how resourceful you can be as well as prove to yourself that it is possible to decrease your reliance on money.

Any management lesson suggests starting small. If you want to learn how to be less reliant on money, start small with your spending decrease and see how you can supplement you expenditures for more self-reliant methods.

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  1. Whoa! Good information but honestly, I think ensuring you do not lose everything is much easier than trying to survive without money. Helpful though especially the volunteering bit.

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