3 Tips to Increase the Curb Appeal of Your Property to Sell in a Hurry

Increase Curb Appeal of Your Property

As the Global Financial Crisis showed us, due to reasons outside our control markets can tank quite quickly, leaving homeowners in the lurch and often unable to sell their homes if needed. If you don’t want to be someone who has their property repossessed by the banks in a bad market, it’s important to keep your home in good condition, so it’s easier to sell if the time comes. It’s all a great idea to diversify your income channels before a disaster as well.

In particular, pay attention to the curb appeal of your property. After all, this is the first thing potential buyers see when they look at a home, so needs to give the right impression. Read on for some ways you can increase the curb appeal of your property today and avoid getting stuck in your home in a bad market.

Freshen up Fittings and Fixtures

For starters, make your home more appealing from the outside by freshening up the things people notice when they first arrive at a property. For example, your fence may need to be repaired or repainted, or otherwise neatened up. If you don’t currently have any type of fencing, consider installing one as this not only frames the property well but can also make buyers happy because they can keep pets or kids off the road more easily. Fences provide additional home security and privacy, too.

When it comes to giving your house an exterior facelift, also see if things need painting or repair, such as the roof, weatherboard, driveway, garage, decking, door frames, windows, front door and the like. In addition, you might need to replace old hardware, such as your front door handle and knocker, mail box, street number etc.

You could also give your entranceway a boost by adding some nice pavers or stepping stones or other option to lead people to the front door. Consider adding flower boxes or potted plants to the entranceway too, as this helps to make everything look more homely and well maintained.

Tidy up the Lawn and Gardens

Tidy Lawn and Garden

Next, try to look at your lawn and gardens with fresh eyes to see what state they are in. Generally potential buyers have to walk past grass or garden areas to enter a home, so they need to be in good repair to provide the kind of first impression you need. Beware of having an overgrown, messy yard that makes people think the entire property hasn’t been cared for; this concern could mean they leave without inspecting the home at all.

Having a lush, green lawn will help to sell people on your home. While regular mowing is an important part of the lawn care, remember that there are numerous other aspects to handle, too. For instance, water your lawn when it needs it, particularly during the hot summer months or other times of year when you go weeks without getting any rain.

It’s also helpful to fertilize your lawn a couple of times of year and to aerate it occasionally so as much air, water and sun can get to the roots and soil as possible. Plus, if many leaves fall on your lawn from overhead trees, especially during the fall, rake these up. If you don’t, they can end up forming a mat which suffocates the lawn and makes it more prone to getting diseases.

Cut back overgrown trees and shrubs which look untidy, and remove (and relocate where possible) greenery that has simply become too large for its position. Do some weeding, as well, as part of your garden maintenance.

If, on the other hand, your gardens are rather bare, purchase some plants to jazz it up. You don’t have to go crazy and put something in every area, or spend a ton of cash on the job; just buy some easy-to-care- for plants at an affordable price, and put some mulch around them to finish off the look. You can also consider adding a rain harvesting system for a more unique and functional outdoor space.

Add Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Lighting

Lastly, since many potential home buyers inspect properties at night, it helps to have decent lighting outside your home. This will not only allow people to find their way to and from front and back doors easily, but it will also give the property more of a welcoming feel.

These days there are lots of great solar options to choose from. However, do note that lights typically have to be installed by qualified electricians, so you may not be able to mount them and get them all set up yourself. The investment is sure to be well worth it, though.

Follow the steps listed above and your property will soon look its best and entice buyers to explore outside and in. This will enable you to sell it more quickly, should the time come, and hopefully for a better price, too.

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