Prepare Your Gutters: Do It Now or Pay the Price

Prepare Your Gutters

A prepper knows that a home in good working order will serve you well in natural disaster or a SHTF scenario but most homeowners neglect their gutters. Here are some top tips to prepare and maintain your gutters so they stay in good working order everyday and also when disaster strikes.

A house is incomplete without functioning gutters. You will need well-maintained gutters to collect water and direct it to flow in a different direction from the foundation. The most important tip to decrease the chance of clogging, you must invest in high quality leaf gutter guards.

In addition to guards, proper maintenance is necessary to prepare and clean your gutters for changing seasons. With the necessary maintenance steps, you can decrease the risk of damages in gutters. Overflown gutters may increase the risk of disasters and leaks in your basement or roof and cracks in the foundation.     

Check all Downspouts

Pay extra attention to downspouts. Remember, clogged downspouts may result in water building and mildew or sagging in the gutters. Pay attention to the rivets on downspouts and tighten or replace them with one rivet gun, if required. 

Check Spikes

The spikes may run across the gutters from the outer edge to the roof. It proves helpful to hold gutter places, so they may do their job. After scooping out the gunk, evaluate the integrity of every spike. If you find a broken or loose spike, refasten or replace it.

Get Rid of Drain Flies

Clogged gutters can increase the chances of blockage in drains. These drains may become favorite breeding sites for flies and pests. If you want to decrease the chances of infestation, it is necessary to inspect potential sites. Try to remove the breeding sites to control drain fly. Feel free to check this guide. Sometimes, pest control becomes necessary to decrease the danger of infestation.

Inspect Different Areas for Leaks

Gutter leaks are necessary to address immediately. You may find leaks in the form of cracks or holes in the caulking. Carefully mark these areas with a marker or pencil and clean them thoroughly. Remove old caulking or debris. In a dry area, get the advantage of silicone caulk to fill in damaged areas.

Pressure Wash for a Deep Cleaning

After checking the integrity of gutters, you have to use pressure washers to clean gutters thoroughly. Follow the directions of the manufacturer on the use of the washer. Numerous pressure washers are easy to use with a garden hose. There is no need to worry about pressure damaging any gutter after attaching everything securely. It can be an ideal way to look for possible leaks.

Clean Gutters Twice Annually

Gutters should be thoroughly cleaned in the fall and spring as this is the ideal time for cleaning dropped leaves and sticks. It is highly recommended that you wear a pair of gloves to protect your hands. Use a durable ladder and put it on stable ground. Scoop out sticks, debris, and leaves to decrease their accumulation. Make sure to put these items into a trash bag or bucket to collect the debris from gutters.You have to scoop them out even if they are looking good. Don’t let them sit in your gutters for months. By regularly cleaning your gutters, you can avoid harmful debris and potential of damage.

These tips will help you maintain functioning gutters that can get your through the worst of times in a weather related or other type of disaster.           


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