5 Tips to Help You Survive Extreme Weather

How to Survive Extreme Weather

Humans are simply ill-equipped to survive extreme weather conditions without the great ‘products’ of civilization that have been painstakingly developed over millennia. Namely, this is a suggestion of clothes, equipment and skills to help you survive extreme weather conditions. This is specifically aimed at individuals who have decided to brave the cold in any shape or form. With the right preparation and a few tips under your belt, you can survive extreme weather conditions.

1. Dressing up, drying down 

Take a tip out of a handbook of individuals that are running in extreme cold – prioritize staying dry over the layering of your clothes. Hypothetically, you will have to stay physically active while exposed to cold, at the very least because you need to prep the camp and ensure your survival.

Exertion and sweating are inevitable, and you’re bound to sweat more if you dress up more. On the upside, the movement will contribute to better circulation.

2. A balancing act – water’s thermal capacity

It’s a tough balancing act. The thing is – water has a far more potent thermal capacity than air, so if you sweat profusely, you will get cold faster. Instead, cover yourself with clothes that will let your skin breathe. That being said, make sure that not an inch of your skin – bar eyes and cheeks – are not exposed to the wind.

3. The golden zone of layers

Tuck yourself in and choose elastic clothing material to avoid chafing. A wind-proof jacket on top of your outfit shouldn’t be a slim-fit. Layering is important, but the golden zone is lower than four and upper from one. A jacket or coats with zippers are better than the ones with buttons.

4. Feet and abdomen – priority hot zones

Gloves are important, protecting your hands as well, but here’s the thing – as long as you are acting out of your hypothetical dwelling in a cold environment, the blood will pump through your arms and they’ll mostly take care of themselves (still, gloves are obligatory!).

Layering for extreme weather

You should be more worried about your feet and your abdomen. Your chest, your stomach, and your back should be kept as warm as possible, which is why having three solid layers of clothing on your abdomen is such a widespread practice. Your feet are a weak zone as well. Thick wool socks and water-resistant shoes are the best combinations since kingdom come, so use it!

5. Sip slowly, eat heartily

Now, under such circumstances, it is important to stay hydrated, but for the reasons mentioned at the beginning of this article, you’ll want to do the same thing that experts advice for surviving extreme heat – steady, small sips throughout the day. No gulps. If you could fix up a thermos of hot soup, that would be wonderful. It’s the most befitting combo of drink and food for the cold. 

Eat heartily and rely on filling foods that are reputable for warming-up your insides. Think in terms of thick, meat-laden stew and wholegrain bread. If you don’t consume meat, lentil-mushroom stews are your best bet.

Also, don’t be afraid to take a sip of a spirit that agrees with you. Yes, that’s right, a bit of alcohol with a nice meal can keep your tummy warm for longer than you’d think. Certainly, this doesn’t mean that you should get drunk (or even buzzed), but a cup of a spiked hot-chocolate can make you blush in all the best ways, keep your mood up and make the snow-plowing activities easier.


Exposing yourself to the elements can be akin to walking the very edge of a deadly precipice. Of course, you can easily state that extremely cold weather is a deadly obstacle, and you wouldn’t be wrong, but we should also keep in mind that human beings have managed to survive it all thanks to the crucial tool in their arsenal – the brain.

Trial and error lead to a carefully considered set of tips and advice that can be shared among people, and surviving extreme weather conditions suddenly become more feasible than you could have initially imagined.

Let me know your thoughts on this topic!