The Best Gray Man Home Security System – The Smart Doorbell

Home Security System – The Smart Doorbell

The need for protecting the belongings that are the source of shelter, family, and security is our human natural instinct. In the context of modern living securing our belongings comes in many shapes and forms.  As the quantity and the nature of our possessions change, so do security systems and measures.

Nowadays, we are given the opportunity to have our materially most valuable things, our money, secure with bank systems. However, our homes still hold very valuable things. Most importantly they hold the most precious possessions; our intimacy and privacy.

When it comes to security, in the history of humans only a few things are more important than the lock, the ones that add a greater level of security measure. In present-day cоntext – the advanced modern technologies. The evolution of home security systems gives us the privilege of constant updates if a changing situation occurs around our house, caused by intrusions or harmful thieves. Moreover, wireless camera systems enable live guard or fast notification in case of potential threats. The additional features regarding camouflage are advancing, therefore you can have a high-quality and grey-man home security system for the optimal level of home protection.

Why Is Gray Man Home Security Important?

We all have seen houses and places that are evidently over-secured. And while high obstructive fences and large security cameras that surround what it looks to be an average property may be preventative, they send a clear message – we are protecting something very valuable. Although, it may be a high-security measure it may appear quite tempting for the thieves.

The gray man systems use camouflage tactics to blend in the environment and prevent the attractive appearance. And this is very important taking into consideration that we all want to protect our homes from strangers and for many different reasons, not only for the fear of losing our valuable possessions. A housebreak apart of the financial can lead to emotional and psychical consequences. Moreover, serious physical harm and life tethering situations may occur if a person, especially a child is inside the house in the moment of the intrusion.

Using the benefits of modern-day advanced home security systems is a necessity not a luxury. They will keep your home protected and your mind at rest.

Smart Doorbell

One of the smart solutions, that is very subtle and offers high-level security protection is the smart doorbell. A smart doorbell resembles a regular one with a pressing button. Additionally, it has a built-in high definition camera and microphone. It is connected to a smartphone or other electronic device via the internet and whenever a guest pushes the button to ring, it notifies the homeowner. Using the smartphone app, the owner can watch and talk to the guest, with the additional possibility of unlocking the door remotely using a smart lock option.

The doorbell can also sense a person’s presence with built-in motion sensors that will also activate the cameras and notify the owner. Moreover, you can set zones around your house which you want to record or watch live, however, all the videos are stored on the cloud for you to watch them later in times of need.

When installing the device you can choose from two options: a wireless doorbell that runs on batteries, or a device that runs on electricity. The wired models more often come in different shapes, colors, and sizes and are more convenient for camouflaging.  

Why is Smart Doorbell a Good Security Solution

A smart doorbell is a great grey man option as it has a very subtle look but it offers high-level protection for your home and family. Moreover, it can also offer great smart home automation features.

1. Answer the door from anywhere

Even if you are not home, by using your smart app you can open the door for another family member from your office or even if you are far away from home. This is very useful for families with kids. Also, you can open the door for visitors while still preparing dinner.

2. Night vision camera

Most of the doorbell cameras use infrared LED lights that offer clear video even if it is dark outside.

3. Pre-buffer feature

The possibility of the camera to start recording several seconds prior to an activity; monitor sensors are activated or doorbell button is pushed. You can see what happened just before an event occurred.

4. You can connect the doorbell with other security components

The device’s system can interact with other security systems such as alarm, smart lock or lightning. This way you can enable turning the lights on, locking the door or turning the alarm on when a motion sensor is activated or doorbell button is pressed.

5. Facial recognition

It allows unlocking the door for the owner or approved guests and family members by recognizing the facial features.

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