The Story of Russian Hackers

The Story of Russian Hackers

In recent times, instances of Russian hacking have disturbed democracies all over the world due to their interference in domestic elections. This is especially so in the US Presidential Elections of 2016 where Russians were alleged to have influenced the results in Donald Trump’s favor.

They hacked the emails and accounts of the Democrat campaigners in order to inflict maximum damage on Hillary Clinton’s campaign eventually leading to her loss in the elections. They didn’t stop their malevolent activities there but progressed to French, German and Ukrainian elections as well establishing their spidery web across the globe with the aim to entangle all their opponents under their notorious nets.

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This article discusses the main story of the US Presidential elections of 2016 along with a briefing of the other stories that can give you a clearer picture of their modus operandi. It also discusses the ancillary stories of their French and German counterparts giving us a clearer picture of how they work. It briefs you on the Brexit referendum also and how Kremlin wanted Britain to leave the European Union to their advantage.

The United States: The Main Story

The US Presidential Election of 2016 was unlike any other in history. Both the Republicans and the Democrats spent millions in getting their point across and even left no stone unturned to make it the most exciting Presidential race.

But things took an unexpected turn with Hillary Clinton falling ill in the middle of the campaigning and then eventually the alleged involvement of Putin in making his close buddy Donald Trump the eventual President.

The 2016 US Election

The process of Russian interference in the internal affairs of the US was mentioned in the media in 2015.This was reported by the CNN in April 2015 stating that the most virulent attack on the computer  systems of the US government had taken place and Russian hackers were responsible for the same.

The FBI, the American Secret Service and many other US intelligence agencies also confirmed the same and highlighted the fact that this was the most sophisticated and comprehensive cyber attack that the United States had ever seen.

In February 2016, a Kremlin adviser Andrey Krutskikh announced at the Russian Security Conference in Moscow that they were working on a strategic decision comparable to the nuclear bomb that would elevate them to the same level of the Americans.

In 2016, DC Leaks and Wiki Leaks reported that the email accounts of John Podesta, Colin Powell and many other members of the Democratic National Committee were hacked and Russians were responsible for the same.

The matter was so serious that even the members of the Senate Committee of Armed Services demanded the constitution of a Select Committee that would conduct an investigation on the ways in which the Russian hackers tried to undermine American sovereignty by interfering in their domestic affairs.

Their role in influencing the American elections showed evidence of ulterior motives of supporting a particular group namely the one of Donald Trump and their actions proved extremely detrimental to Hillary Clinton’s chances of winning the elections and this is where the problem in defending American interests got compounded.

The situation got even more alarming in 2018 when the American National Computer Emergency Response Team issued a high scale alert warning that the Russians had started penetrating deep into American virtual territory by expanding their malicious cobweb all over the place including small commercial establishments, power plants, water processing centers, aviation hotspots and also government establishments.


The famous French worldwide channel TV5Monde broadcasts all over the globe and even has an online interactive service on the web Francophonie for learning French. This makes it extremely popular among all people.

In 2015, this exclusive broadcasting service providing 12 channels across the world was hacked by a group of cyber hackers who named themselves as Cyber Caliphate. However, later investigations revealed a different picture where a GRU-affiliated hacker APT28 was involved.

In May 2017, just a little before the French Presidential election, it was broadcasted on the media that 20000 emails of the candidate Emmanuel Macron were hacked and put on an unknown website. An investigation by Flashpoint which is a cyber security agency revealed that again the same group APT28 may have been involved although they could say this with only a moderate level of certainty.


Even Germany became a victim of Russian hackers in 2015 and 2016 when Wiki Leaks stated that the theft of classified files belonging to the NSA spying scandal were conducted by Russians. Bruno Kahl who is a President of a German agency also mentioned that the Russians wanted to create a feeling of political uncertainty in Europe by targeting the major countries so that they could influence their decisions in voting and other parameters.


Russian hackers also tried to influence Brexit. Kremlin wanted Britain to leave the EU and that is exactly what happened eventually. The role of Russian hackers in this regard was extremely important as they did everything possible to execute the order of the Russian government.

Ukraine and Kyrgyzstan

Even former Soviet states like Ukraine and Kyrgyzstan were not spared as their elections were also rigged by Russian hackers giving them a hard time as well.

From the above, it is clear that Russian hackers played a major role in cyber attacks on American and European facilities around the globe. From this, we realize the importance of protecting our computers by using a good antivirus system so that our personal computers are not hacked WHEN it happens again.

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