Why Motorcycles Are A Prepper’s Best Friend

Why Motorcycles Are A Prepper’s Best Friend

Any prepper knows that SHTF scenarios can happen at any time and when it does, it’s best to be mobile. Americans that drive in cars waste an average of 42 hours a year stuck in traffic, according to the Texas A&M Transportation Institute. What you need is a vehicle that can get you past any traffic and handle tough roads. So what would make a motorcycle the best bug out vehicle (BOV)? 

Off-Road Capability

While you may enjoy paved roads now, there is no telling whether or not those roads are available after a SHTF event. Last year, the US was struck with several events that affected road conditions like wildfires, massive rainfall events, hurricanes, and even drought. So the BOV you need to use when you’re evacuating needs to be able to handle any dramatic shifts in terrain. Motorcycles can conquer different types of terrain. They have been proven to be effective in traversing water, sand, mud, and uneven land. What you’ll need to make sure is that you carefully consider the motorcycle options to choose from. That way, you can double-check if the motorcycle you’ve got your eye on can rise to the task of being your effective BOV.

Immediate Action

In the end-of-the-world scenario, every second can literally mean the difference between life and death. Of course, you’ll need to assess the situation first so you don’t go barrelling out into more chaos. Once you’ve determined that it is better to evacuate rather than to hunker down, your bug out vehicle needs to be something that you can use for immediate action. Take, for example, Dr. Witt who saved 8 premature babies from wildfire by using his motorcycle to evacuate them. He considered using his truck as it would carry more load but the roads were blocked by emergency vehicles. If he did not choose to make the split-second decision to jump on his motorcycle and sped off to save those kids, they’d probably been listed as casualties. Dramatics aside, you need a BOV that affords you that level of immediate action. So if you find yourself needing to get away, a motorcycle is something that you can rely on.

Easy to Conceal

Never underestimate how highly valued mobility will be after a disaster strikes. If you think back to movies like Resident Evil 3, Zombieland, and Mad Max, mobility basically means survival. Granted those examples are fiction, there is no denying the reality that vehicles are highly coveted. So it follows that your post-SHTF vehicle will be highly coveted—especially by those that do not have their own vehicles. A motorcycle is handy because it’s easy to conceal if you’ve got the right tarp for it. Hiding your vehicle is important since it keeps it safe from scavengers and it also does not advertise your position. If you’ve got a home base, a motorcycle is easy to store so it’s not exposed to the elements. 

Fuel Economy

For a prepper that’s gearing up for anything, the subject of cost often comes up. The cost of the things you buy or make should be worth it in the interim and in the long run. If you’ve got a BOV plan in the works, gasoline should be one of your primary considerations. You may think that the price of gas is exorbitant now but just wait until that point where gas is no longer easily obtainable. So your BOV needs to be something that doesn’t wipe out your fuel reserves and doesn’t presently drive you to the poor house. A motorcycle doesn’t take up much gas yet has the ability to go for several miles. Therefore, the current cost and future cost of a motorcycle are logical and practical. Also, it is worth remembering that your BOV isn’t something that you use once and toss away. It is an investment that can help keep you and your homestead thriving after a disaster has hit everything else.

A motorcycle is a vehicle that has all the makings of a reliable bug-out vehicle. What you’ll need to do to make sure that it stays that way is to brush up on your understanding of motorcycles, that is, if you aren’t already familiar with its ins and outs. Always keep in mind that your BOV will only  ever be as good as you prepare it to be.

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