Why Preppers Should Spy On Their Kids

Why Preppers Should Spy On Their Kids

If you are ever in a SHTF situation and your child is not answering their texts or calls, how will you get out of dodge as a family? That’s why it’s smart to install a tracking app on your child’s phone for just this exact scenario. Hopefully, you are able to access a tracking app before the cellular grid goes down and you and your family can safely bug out as a family unit.

Ready to Track? Here Is What You Need to Do.

If you are going to track your child’s phone, you will need to be able to gain access to that phone to download and install the tracker app on it.

Guardians and parents can easily access their children’s phones – some by simply communicating that an app will be installed and it is to keep them safe and others by simply taking the phone the next time your child isn’t glued to it. Having said that, if the phone does not belong to you (a relative or close friend), then it’s a punishable act to download and install an application onto their phones, without their permission and knowledge.

Once have have decided to track there are a few ways you can go about it.

GPS App Tracking

Certain apps can be downloaded and installed for checking your kid’s, friends or family member’s locations and activities. Some industry favorites include SpyBubble, AccuTracking, Mologogo, and many more. Some of these apps my require built in GPS, which the majority of smartphones have these days, but if the phone is older and it does not have one, it is advisable to get one. Follow the directions given on the GPS chip for installation.

Right after you choose the app, visit the providers website and create your account (sometimes this can be completed from inside the app). Be sure to read the terms of service and any guidelines on how the application works.

After completing the app download and installation, be sure to test it on your laptop or phone (or any other device you plan on tracking your child with).

Now, whenever you want to track the phone, all that you should do is log in the service provider’s site and get the precise location for your child.

Carrier or Other Tracking Methods

You could skip the app method for a simpler phone carrier tracking method, which is provided by Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, Google and even by using a IMEI, or International Mobile Station Equipment Identity, number assigned to every mobile phone by its manufacturer, according to Best Cell Phone Tracker Apps

This too requires some testing to be sure it works before an emergency situation. Login to your accounts and try to track phones in your plan and if there are any glitches or settings that need to be adjusted you can do so in your network settings.

Not too long ago, Google integrated the latest feature to Google Maps, through which you can easily share the location with friends and family. This particular sharing is actually time-specific and person-specific. You may choose the individual you would like to share the location with and for how much a period of time. That may be a good solution for your child if you are all on the same page.

Aside from monitoring phone location using GPS navigation or carrier options, there are various other methods:

  • WiFi-based tracking
  • Hybrid positioning system
  • SIM-based tracking

No matter which method you choose, knowing where your child is in an emergency situation should give you incredible peace of mind.

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