Nuclear Gas Masks: 4 Best Radiation Masks for Nuclear Fallout

Nuclear survival is about knowledge, skills and the right equipment. After testing dozens of radiation masks, MIRA Safety’s CM-6M CBRN Gas Mask is our top pick.

A gas mask and protective gear will provide you with complete protection if you are in a contaminated area, whether it is caused by a nuclear attack, radiation leak, biological weapon or chemical attack. Knowing what to use and what to do when a bomb drops is crucial to ensuring your survival during, and after, a nuclear attack.

With the wide range of emergency experience of our team, we have put together this guide to help you find the right equipment to survive a fallout, and what to do now, during, and after, to survive a nuclear attack.

What are the best gas masks for a nuclear fallout?

A gas mask is the primary piece of protective equipment to ensure you do not breathe in particles that may be present in the air from a nuclear fallout, or any other hazardous chemical or biological matter. It is a temporary measure to ensure you are protected while you reach a decontaminated area and must be worn with complete protective gear.

There are some important points to note when considering the type of gas mask and its use in a nuclear fallout. Having used gas masks in toxic gas situations before, I know that these will ensure that you are able to use your gas mask to provide clean, safe, oxygen in a nuclear, biological or chemically contaminated area. They are:

  • Your gas mask needs to be NBC or CBRN approved
  • You need to use NBC or CBRN gas mask filters that fit your mask
  • Facial hair will not allow you to create an airtight seal on your gas mask
  • Gas masks are not to be lived in, they are a temporary measure
  • A gas mask should be used in conjunction with other radiation protective equipment

4 gas masks to use in a nuclear fallout.

The ideal NBC or CBRN gas mask you should consider is one that has good visibility, a comfortable fit and has widely available filters. After closely reviewing their operability, specifications, and benefit to the wearer, we have found the best CBRN and NBC gas masks.

Let’s take a closer look at these CBRN and NBC gas masks.

MIRA Safety CM-6M CBRN Gas Mask

MIRA Safety CM-6M CBRN Gas Mask

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The MIRA Safety CM-6M CBRN Gas Mask is arguably the best value on the market today when it comes to fully-featured full face respirators. Combining duty-proven design with comprehensive CBRNR protection, an integrated speech diaphragm, hydration system and anti-fogging visor, this one-size-fits-all mask has all the features you want from a true military-grade gas mask—all at one of the most competitive prices on the market today.

Some important features and specifications for the MIRA Safety CM-6M gas mask are that it:

  • Uses 40mm NATO filter
  • Panoramic anti-fogging visor
  • Easy fit and comfortable fit
  • Uses standard 40mm NATO gas mask filters that are widely available
  • Rugged butyl rubber construction
  • Comfortable velcro strap harness system
  • Provides maximum protection against CBRN toxins

If you have children – If you have children in your family, an adult gas mask might not be appropriate as it might be too large to create a seal for their face. The CM-6M mask recommended above does come in children’s sizes, however, another option is the MIRA Safety CM-2M child’s gas mask which has threading to fit NATO 40mm standard filters.

If you have a baby – If you have an infant, there is infant NBC protection available in two main ways. The first is either a KZD-6 NBC baby capsule (Russian made) that provides NBC filtration to a small environment for a baby. Another option for babies is the children’s Israeli gas mask hood (eBay PN promotional link), which is suitable for children from 0 to 8-years-old and is a much more mobile infant gas mask.

SGE 400/3 BB CBRN Gas Mask

SGE 400/3 BB CBRN Gas Mask

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The SGE 400/3 BB CBRN Gas Mask has been a very popular option for many CBRN gas mask buyers, specifically a nuclear gas mask solution. Why has it been so popular? The SGE is very widely available as a gas mask you can buy online. It is also one of the more affordable CBRN gas masks on the market which makes it increasingly competitive.

As a good option to consider, this mask packs in a huge amount of features with the wide vision lens, internal drinking system, very comfortable medical-grade silicone nose cup, and a very good fit for any size of face. For my sizing, I take a large because of my big head whereas my partner would easily fit a medium. If you’ve got kids, the small size is suitable for teenagers just because of the fit to the face. Any younger and you’d be wanting to look at an NBC gas mask or suit for kids.

This mask is the CBRN version, which would definitely keep yourself and your family or friends safe in an attack as it has a butyl rubber lining around the mask making it an effective chemical and radiation mask complying with international CBRN regulations.

Here are some features and specifications for the SGE CBRN gas mask:

  • Designed to meet Israeli, NATO military, and civil defense requirements
  • Subcontracted by the official manufacturer of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF)
  • One of the newest CBRN gas masks in the industry being manufactured in 2017
  • Three filter ports
  • Ballistic outer lens
  • Compatible with NATO 40mm filter cartridges
  • Provides full chemical, biological, nuclear and radiation protection (CBRN)
  • Mask fitted with 6 straps that can be adjusted to ensure a perfect fit over the face
  • Uses internal drinking tube with separately sold drinking tubes
  • Butyl rubber face seal allowing for comfortable long-use

Israeli Gas Mask

Israeli Gas Mask

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The Israeli Gas Mask, also known as the 4A1 Gas Mask, was developed for civilians in Israel to have basic protection against dirty bombs generally full of chemical weapon compounds. That said, it goes to show that this gas mask actually does work and provides effective NBC protection for the face.

While the Israeli gas mask is the most affordable out of the range of other NBC and CBRN masks, you will find that with that comes less vision, and less comfort. However, the Israeli Gas Mask does what it is meant to do, which is protect you in a nuclear attack or chemical and biological hazardous situation. It provides a great face seal, and is able to fit varying face sizes including children sizes.

Some important features and specifications for the Israeli NBC Gas Mask are that it:

  • Provides Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical (NBC) protection
  • Fits any standard NATO 40mm gas mask filter canister
  • Goggles made from scratch resistant polycarbonate lens
  • One size fits all with harnesses to tighten according to head size
  • Includes a hydration tube with a drinking attachment
  • Regular proven use in NBC environments against chemical attacks

Avon M50 CBRN Gas Mask

Us military gas mask

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The Avon M50 CBRN Gas Mask Avon M50 full-face CBRN gas mask is an effective, durable and comfortable CBRN gas mask. It is the service issue gas mask for the US Military, having improved on its predecessor and previous US military gas mask, the M40.

The M50 is designed to provide up to 24 hours of consistent wear in a CBRN environment and provides a great filtration that does not impede breathing. It is made of a butyl silicone rubber which does not cause sweating or fogging and creates a very airtight seal around the face (a crucial aspect for NBC and CBRN masks) and has an internal drinking component so that you do not have to remove the mask to drink. The Avon M50’s gas mask filters are unique to this mask and will not fit any other housing other than the M50. They are an M61 activated carbon particulate filter.

Avon have also developed a civilian version to the M50, as it is specifically a US military issue mask. The civilian version is the Avon C50 CBRN gas mask.

Some important features and specifications for the M50 CBRN gas mask are that it:

  • Provides maximum protection against CBRN agents
  • Comes with an interior drinking tube
  • Single lens for wide field of view
  • Able to wear prescription glasses with a shield mount
  • Six adjustable point straps
  • Ballistic outer lens
  • Custom M61 filters are smaller, less bulk and a low profile (does not fit 40mm NATO filter)
  • Facepiece is made of butyl/silicone rubber
  • Mask weight is 3.6lbs

Top gas mask filters

As we have outlined, you need to ensure that when you use a gas mask, it is either NBC or CBRN-rated. The same applies to gas mask filters, which are attached on your gas mask to provide filtration and safe air. For almost all gas masks, the filter they will use will have a NATO 40mm threading. All of the CBRN and NBC gas masks we have recommended above use this type of filter, except for the Avon M50, which uses the M61 filter.

MIRA Safety CBRN NBC-77 SOF 40mm Filter

CBRN NBC 77 Filter

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The best CBRN gas mask filter on the market today is the MIRA Safety CBRN NBC-77 SOF 40mm filter. Unlike standard filters which are typically designed with a 6-year shelf life, MIRA’s filters can last for up to 20 years and provide a full 24 hours of protection from the full spectrum of CBRN airborne contaminants and radiation. Featuring rugged construction and individual, vacuum-sealed plastic packaging, these filters are well worth their premium price.

When you have got your gas mask, you should also consider its use with full body protection, as this is mandatory to ensure you are able to stay clear of contamination.

Could a nuclear attack happen?

We are closer than ever to a nuclear attack. According to many leaders and critical thinkers, it is one of the biggest, and likely threats to humanity. We know this, and yet there are growing tensions in the world between countries capable of nuclear and chemical attacks. And there is also the threat of both urban and overseas-inspired terrorism which we are also familiar with.

If a nuclear attack was to occur, it would leave us with minutes, at best, to prepare. This is barely enough time to get to any shelter that is safe from contamination. In most cases, we will never be close to something as such. What we can control is utilizing the right protective equipment to get to safety after an attack has occurred and limit our exposure to life-threatening contamination.

Preparing for life’s events is simple. It involves just three things: knowledge, skills and the right equipment. This same rule applies to everything in life. If you are going for a long drive, you have your knowledge of direction and time, the skills of driving, being able to change a tire, or do simple repairs, and the right equipment of a vehicle, fuel, and a bit of food and water. Preparing to survive a nuclear attack is no different.

Knowing what you need for nuclear survival can be difficult, as it is a bit more technical than driving a car. So to help you prepare we have put this comprehensive nuclear attack survival guide together, with these necessities and commonly asked questions:

1. Preparing: before a nuclear attack

2. Survival: during a nuclear attack

3. Fallout: after a nuclear attack

A nuclear blast and its fallout can have serious detrimental effects on anyone in a very large area. If it is survived, it will be by those who prepare the right way. Here’s how.

Preparing: before a nuclear attack.

When an alert was sent to residents of an incoming nuclear attack in Hawaii by mistake, no one knew what to do. It was panic and chaos, and for the most part, people were very underprepared.

So what can you do right now to prepare for a nuclear attack? First, after reading this guide, identify the safest places that you would seek shelter in from a nuclear blast that are near your daily routines. For instance, the building you work in, your apartment or home, and any buildings you might drive past regularly.

The safest buildings for possible shelter – The larger the building, the better. So long as it is not made of glass. The depth of bomb shelter also matters. The best areas are basements and carparks below multi-story buildings, or in the central stairwell of a large building (if it is in the middle of the building).

Get a survival kit ready – A term common with preppers is a bug out bag. We have this specifically for events such as a nuclear attack. What should you have in it? Ideally, it is meant to be a bag you can grab and run out the door with which will last you for 24-72-hours and will include water, food, clothing, first-aid supplies, a flashlight and some other essentials. If you had to seek shelter in a basement during a nuclear blast, this bag would support you through that period. In this survival kit you will also need the most important things to deal with nuclear fallout: a gas mask and protective clothing.

How to choose a gas mask and protective equipment.

First, when you are looking at equipment such as a gas mask or radiation suit, it is not meant to be lived in. It is meant to act as a barrier against contamination of radiation, toxic chemicals, or bioweapons, so that you may safely leave an area those toxins are present in and reach a decontaminated zone.

So what equipment do you need to survive fallout radiation? You might have seen things such as DIY gas masks or people recommending “cheap” respirator masks – these will not work. Why? Because they are not approved to work in those environments. How can you tell what equipment you should use? Easy. For gas masks, there are several regulatory bodies (NIOSH being the largest) that certify, through a series of rigorous testing, whether or not equipment such as gas masks are deemed to be usable against nuclear, biological, and chemical (NBC) toxins to filter and provide safe oxygen.

What is NBC and CBRN? NBC is the rating those bodies give to approved equipment. It stands for Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical, which are the substances NBC gas masks are able to filter and work in. A newer rating CBRN has been adopted in the industry to include exposure to radiological waste in the event of a dirty bomb (different to radiation from a nuclear bomb).

So let’s look at nuclear gas masks, and how to determine the best gas mask for what you need.

Why you need a hazmat suit

Wearable protection is crucial not only in a nuclear attack, but also in any other NBC situation, such as a chemical or biological attack where you need to move through a contaminated area safely. The purpose of NBC protection, aside from a gas mask, is to ensure that you have a protective layer of thick NBC-proof material that will not absorb, or allow toxins to pass through your clothing. It is also important as these types of protective wear are able to be more easily decontaminated than normal clothing.

Avoid contamination –  In a nuclear fallout, the biggest thing you should be concerned about is contamination. If you have a gas mask, you have stopped the chance of contamination through the airways, but you have not stopped your skin’s exposure to radiation. This is why a gas mask should be worn in conjunction with a hazmat suit (radiation suit) to keep your skin protected and to avoid contamination with your clothing.

A hazmat suit is a hazardous materials suit and is used regularly by firefighters, emergency medical technicians, paramedics, toxic spill response, military and law enforcement professionals. Hazmat suits do not only offer protection against nuclear agents and radiation, they also offer effective protection against chemical agents, biological agents and pathogens from sicknesses and disease outbreaks.

The ideal hazmat suit is made from materials such as Tyvek and Tychem. These suits will protect against contamination of radiation in a nuclear fallout, or for that matter, contamination against any possible chemicals or pathogens that may be released as a result of a dirty bomb. This type of suit will not protect against ionizing radiation which can cause irradiation.

A shield of lead or other shielding material would be required for that purpose. Irradiation can be minimized by looking for the right shelter that we mentioned previously, and not going near the impact area where radiation would be at its strongest. Instead, the real risk from a nuclear fallout is from contamination of radiation, either through the skin or inside the body through breathing and digestion. A Tyvek or Tychem suit minimizes the risk of skin radiation contamination.

The best thing about hazmat Tyvek suits is that they are very affordable, with most high-quality brands available for less than USD$10. The best NBC suits we have used ourselves come from manufacturer DuPont. Both the TY122S Tyvek coverall suit (pictured below) and DuPont’s Tychem coveralls are affordable and will provide protection against radiation contamination in a nuclear fallout.

You should consider the weak points of a suit – Many coverall NBC suits are made for lab environments and have some possible flaws for the environment that you might be wearing it in. Consider that after the nuclear bomb, if you are in the immediate blast area and managed to survive the blast, there may be rubble, debris, and scrap wherever you go. To solve this weak point of a hazmat suit, I would recommend keeping a roll of duct tape with your equipment. Duct tape has a lot of uses, but in this circumstance, it can repair any possible tears in your suit to ensure you are protected from contamination.

That duct tape should also be used to seal the joins between your hazmat suit and any gloves and boots you are wearing. You can see this being done in the image above. I would recommend gumboots or something similar that are easy to wash off, as the built-in shoes of a Tyvek suit will not withstand tears. The same applies to gloves, which should specifically be chemically resistant PVC work gloves. Tape the joins between the suit and these gloves.

What nuclear preparedness equipment do I need?

As discussed above, protection from radiation contamination in the event of a nuclear attack is a priority to nuclear survival. Nuclear preparedness equipment not only protects us from contamination from radiation, but also chemical toxins and biological pathogens that might either be weaponized or naturally occurring. To stop contamination, we are able to use NBC and CBRN gas masks a hazmat suit with effective sealing.

There are some other items integral to nuclear fallout survival. They are radiation poisoning medication and an effective way to detect radiation levels in a nuclear fallout.

Radiation poison medication – Potassium Iodide tablets are popular in all emergency preparedness communities for one reason: they assist the body in a nuclear fallout by preventing the absorption of radioactive materials.

When exposed to radioactive iodides, your body has a high risk of developing thyroid cancer. Radioactive iodides are caused by nuclear reactor accidents and are also present in the fallout of a nuclear weapon. Potassium iodide tablets, more commonly referred to as iOSAT pills, are a preventative and will prevent the thyroid gland’s absorption of radiation.

iOSAT tablets have been used in all cases where radiation poisoning has been an issue for areas surrounding an event. For instance, these were administered to nearby residents of the Chernobyl nuclear reactor disaster in 1986,  Fukushima nuclear plant leak in 2011, Germany in 2017 and more recently in 2018 to residents in Belgium over nuclear power plant failure concerns.

Geiger counter or radiation detector – We all know radiation, whether it be from nuclear fallout, or a nuclear power plant leak, is dangerous and toxic to our health. But what many fail to realize is that radiation, despite its strength, is not visible and cannot be smelt. Radiation is a very silent and undetectable killer. Therefore, one device that will aid you in your protection against radiation is a radiation detector, to detect levels of radiation and ensure that you are moving away from the blast of a bomb, and away from concentrated radiation pockets that can cover wide areas.

Geiger counters, for the most part, are expensive, however, one item that has been issued by numerous government agencies to residents in areas that might be at risk of radiation levels, such as near an unstable nuclear reactor, is the RADEX RD1503 radiation detector. The Radex gives highly accurate radiation readings and is your ears and eyes when it comes to the dangerous levels of radiation. This item was given to civilians in areas nearby Fukushima and Chernobyl. It is widely used and provides an easy-to-use interface for detecting radiation counts.

Now that we have the basic preparedness of what you need to survive a nuclear attack (a nuclear survival kit), let’s take a look at the important things you need to know to survive during a nuclear attack.

Survival: During a nuclear attack.

A nuclear attack is designed to destroy everything in an area, including infrastructure, humanity and living matter. Survival in an attack is difficult. However, there are some things that you can do to greatly increase your chances of survival during a nuclear attack.

According to the Center for Disease, Control, and Prevention (CDC), a nuclear detonation would have “devastating results and there would be limited time to take critical protection steps”. “Most people don’t realize that sheltering in place for at least 24 hours is crucial to saving lives and reducing exposure to radiation.” – CDC – Roadmap to Radiation Preparedness

So let’s take a look at where you should seek shelter in a nuclear attack.

Where is the safest place from a nuclear blast?

First, if an alert of an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) is sounded or appears on your phone, there’s no time for panic. In fact, that alert will give only a number of minutes to be ready for a nuclear attack and its corresponding deadly radioactive fallout. If that alert is sent out, you must immediately seek the right shelter to hide from a nuclear blast.

A nuclear bomb has a number of devastating effects which make it an incredible weapon. Once a bomb or device is detonated, there will be a flash of light which can cause blinding, next will be a wave of energy which can cause thermal burns, a pulse of nuclear radiation, an explosive pulse, an air blast and finally the radioactive fallout, which will have a lasting effect on any life in the area.

How far can a nuclear bomb reach? Areas surrounding nuclear strike zones can be affected by a weapon’s characteristics and various other factors. The strength of an attack will be determined by how close you are to the blast, weather factors such as wind and precipitation, the size of a bomb, and height at which it was detonated.

The safest place in a nuclear attack – The safest shelter in the event of a nuclear blast is underground in the basement of a building that is constructed of thick brick or concrete. Vehicles will not offer any protection from radiation. If you are driving, pull over, get out and run to your nearest building. In any given building, the most optimal shelter from a nuclear blast is in the deepest part of the building that you can get to, either being the basement, or in the middle of the building, away from glass that will become a projectile from the blast, and possible thermal burns.

Finding this sort of bomb shelter in the event of a nuclear attack will greatly improve your survival, as the barrier will limit the effect of the fireball effect of a nuclear blast and thermal burns. Put simply, try to get as much steel, brick, concrete and any other shielding between you and the blast. Of course, if you are lucky and a truly prepared you may have an underground bunker either in your home or nearby that you can sit out the blast and survive the fallout. All you need to do is make sure you reach it in time.

So now the blast has happened and you have survived. Next, you have to deal with the second lethality of a nuclear attack – a nuclear fallout.

Fallout: After a nuclear attack.

After a nuclear attack, radioactive material that was propelled into the sky from the blast will fall out of the sky, thus giving it the name fallout. This radioactive material can be carried hundreds of miles from winds and blast strength. This radioactive fallout is a contaminant that can cause severe sickness and death.

Due to the small nature of fallout particles and the power of the weapon that caused the nuclear blast, radioactive fallout material can be carried by atmospheric winds across the earth’s surface. This is referred to as global fallout and a risk that comes with nuclear weapons. The more immediate concern to anyone in a nuclear blast is the fallout in that area.

If you have a secure shelter after a nuclear attack – Stay inside and don’t leave until emergency services tell you to do so. You may suffer the risk of being caught in a possible second strike, or you may suffer contamination poisoning from the nuclear fallout. In this circumstance, pay attention to any phones (if an EMP has not already wiped it out) and listen out for any alerts over the radio frequency of any radios you can find. Emergency services will provide instruction as part of their nuclear response protocol.

If you know of a more safe shelter nearby– If you have survived the blast, but know of a better shelter that is less than 10 minutes away and is better than the one you survived the blast in, a report on optimal fallout shelter times states that you can make your way after a nuclear blast if it is less than 10 minutes away. This gives you enough time to get there before radiation from fallout sets in. However, having the protective equipment we have mentioned (NBC/CBRN gas mask and protective NBC clothing) will significantly increase your chances of survival after a nuclear blast. If you are away from the blast, ensure you find shelter that is upwind of the blast site, as less fallout will be carried in your direction.

If you are in an area where you are not able to find optimal shelter from a nuclear fallout, use plastic sheeting and duct tape to seal off all airway entry points to your a room in the deepest point of the building. After a nuclear blast, most glass will have been shattered by the powerful waves of energy and debris so a window could turn into an access point for contamination. Sealing these entry points off will create a decontamination zone from which you can wait for emergency services. Having the NBC gear as mentioned above would give you a chance to move after a nuclear fallout has occurred and find a community shelter, or one that emergency services have set up in response to the incident.

If you reach shelter and have possible radioactive fallout on you – You should remove your outer layers of clothing as this will be contaminated. Place that clothing in a bag and keep it away from others. You should then go through a decontamination process by washing your skin and hair with soap and water, or if you cannot wash, at the very least use a wet cloth to wipe exposed areas of skin. It is important to note that you should not use conditioner agents when washing, as this will bond radioactive particles to the hair. Keeping the shelter you are in a decontaminated zone is highly important, ensure that any others follow the same protocols.

Just a little bit of preparation will greatly increase your chance of survival.

This guide is designed to ensure you are prepared with the right knowledge, skills, and equipment to survive a nuclear attack or a radiation leak. Just a bit of preparedness now, can be magnified and will utterly determine the chances of your survival.

The guide we have designed here not only applies to nuclear doomsday scenarios, but also to other NBC situations, such as a chemical weapon or detonation that has been made in a first-strike by another country, or as a weapon used in a terror attack. Something equally as frightening could be the circumstance of a biological weapon or deadly pathogen that has contaminated the air and ground.

All of these events will require the same protective equipment as what a nuclear attack requires, which is an NBC or CBRN gas mask and gear, a hazmat suit with protective equipment. This means that if you prepare yourself early, with the right equipment, you are ready for all three of these worst-case scenarios that pose a very dangerous threat to life.

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What protective gear do you need in a nuclear attack?

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  1. Great article. People should also be aware that when they are washing radiation contaminants down, not to use conditioner. Shampoo and soap are fine but conditioner will bond radioactive particles to your hair.

    • Great to see you are working with your family. To answer your question, the small size of the SGEs fit a child of about 7 and up. Anyone younger and I would suggest looking into a soviet PDF-D as they have varying sizes for the young-ones and are quite affordable.

      You can pick them up here: Soviet PDF-D Children’s Mask

      Best of luck, Ben.

      • Ben, on the link you’ve attached, there is a hose coming from the nose of the mask. What does that hose attach to? I’m looking for something for my 4 year old.

        • Hi Erin,

          That hose is a connection between the mask and a filter. The hose was initially the style as filters were so large that military personnel would have the filter in a bag around the neck, and the hose would run from the filter box to the mask.

          This mask has a filter and bag included and is $25. The original link I posted in these comments does not come with a filter..

          Best of luck!

  2. It’s nice to have the added eye protection of protective masks but even the good old N 95, N 99, or N 100 will do the job

    All you’re trying to do is keep from inhaling and/or swallowing alpha and beta emitters.

    You can’t wear enough to protect you from neutron or gamma.

  3. I really got good info here what if you live across the street from the ocean in Oregon do you think there is much chance that something like this would affect us here

  4. How airtight should my basement room be, and if too little for breathing for any extended amount of time, how should this dealt with?

    • Hi EB, there’s two types of shelters in an NBC attack (nuclear attack), the first is a pre-made and prepared shelter, whereas the other is a shelter made in a rush.

      In the premade shelter you have the benefit of being a prepper, knowing what’s what, and preparing a shelter that will effectively keep you and your family safe. This shelter needs to be airtight. Most preppers that have turned their basements into nuclear bunkers have ensured that they have an adequate seal between themselves and the surface (blast door, airtight, concrete layering etc..) When you have it airtight, the only place that air should be able to pass through is an NBC or CBRN filter (just like a gas mask you are creating a safe seal of clean air).

      These NBC filters are big units that will provide a stable supply of clean and filtered air into your bunker or basement. Here’s a link to the Safe Cell eBay store which sells the best military-grade filters for a basement or bunker. Link

      A shelter made in a rush is much different and will generally not be airtight. This, in past examples, has been scenarios where people have tried hiding in sewers under a street manhole cover, in a ditch with a car over the top of them, or as I have mentioned in the post, using plastic sheeting over the windows and doors. In these cases, you would use this shelter as an emergency pre-strike shelter, and then wait until the ‘radiation has settled’ before you hear from emergency services as to where help and/or safety is. In any given situation, first responders will broadcast safety messages over the radio and may come with adequate respiratory equipment and protective clothing to allow you to move to a safe and decontaminated area. However, this is relying on others that might or might not get to you in time.

      I see preparing for a nuclear attack in two different ways:
      1) Make an airtight, safe and impenetrable bunker with an NBC filter, or
      2) get an NBC gas mask and suit so, seek adequate shelter during the attack, and then make your way to an emergency decontaminated and safe area.

      In both cases you are effectively creating a seal of filtered air. If you are single, the gas mask and protective gear might be better, if you have a family, the bunker might be more affordable and safer for children.

      I hope this answers your question. Let me know if you have any more!

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      Things are looking pretty sketchy at the moment.
      Best of luck to all of us.
      Take care

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      Many from that country have gone to U.S. schools and learned our ways and weaknesses, the sleeper cells may awake soon.

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    • I am right there with you which is what brought me to this website. I am prepping my basement and gathering supplies to keep myself and my son hopefully as safe as possible.

  11. Would any of the above, listed masks work for a 2 yr old?
    I’m a single mom of 2 little boys and I’m very nervous on how to make sure my babies will be safe during an nuclear attack.
    My family’s farm has a “bomb” shelter but the door is gone… I believe it goes down 2 or 3 rooms … I’ve only went to the 2nd room… Any thoughts on what to use for the door? I don’t have the money to go all out like I’d desire too but I’m also lady maguire so if I know what to use I’ll be able to do it.


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