How To Build a Survival Cabin in the Wilderness

Creating a secure and sustainable living space is paramount in the ever-evolving world of prepping and survival. Building a survival cabin is one of the most practical and rewarding projects a survivalist can undertake. Whether preparing for unpredictable natural disasters, planning a remote getaway, or simply aiming to live off-grid, … read more

Cyber Attack security

How To Protect Your Money From Cyber Attacks

Although the internet has upgraded our lives today, it has also presented a challenge to data security. While most of us, especially preppers, may prepare for common threats by taking preventative measures and knowing basic survival skills, only some are constantly on guard for the possibility of cybercrime. Preppers must … read more

air conditioning off grid

Can You Have Air Conditioning Off Grid? Installation & Tips

Despite its cooling benefits, air conditioning is widely known to have detrimental effects on the environment. However, looking into current greener breakthroughs, could it be possible to have air conditioning off-grid?  Enjoying air conditioning off the grid is now possible. You can use solar power air conditioners, but there are … read more

EMP Proof Vehicles List: A Complete Guide for Preparedness

EMP Proof Vehicles List: A Complete Guide for Preparedness

If you’re serious about emergency preparedness, one topic that should be on your radar is EMP-proof vehicles. An EMP, or electromagnetic pulse, can disrupt or even destroy electronic devices, leaving modern cars inoperable. Imagine cruising down the road when suddenly every electronic device in your car goes kaput—no more radio, … read more

What Does VPN Do

What Does VPN Do?

While most of us may have heard of the term VPN, most of us don’t know the exact meaning of this term. This article explains VPN and how it can help to you. What is VPN? VPN is the abbreviation of Virtual Private Network. In very simple terms, a VPN … read more

grid down scenario

Grid Down Scenarios: How to Survive a Power Grid Attack

A grid-down scenario is a prepper’s worst nightmare. And it is something that preppers and the government share a mutual fear of. In just one month in a grid-down scenario, services, supplies, and necessities will be so severe that your neighbor would kill you for food, and law enforcement will … read more

sunflowers radiation

Sunflowers and Radiation: Nature’s Answer To Clean Contaminated Soil

In this very informative post from preparedness writer James Ryan, we find out how the humble sunflower removes radiation from contaminated soil, and how it is helping communities to clean up contamination hot spots in Fukushima and Chernobyl. The sh-t has finally hit the fan. A North Korean nuclear bomb … read more

Renewable energy and solar power done on a budget

Cheap Renewable Energy: The Budget Guide To Generating Solar Power

Solar renewable energy goes hand-in-hand with preparedness. We prepare for if, and when, the power goes out. When that happens we still want to be able to keep our radios on, our cookers running and our lights on. The question is, how do we harness the sun’s energy so that … read more

How to make a faraday cage

How To Make A Faraday Cage: DIY Protection For Devices Against EMP

An EMP, or electromagnetic pulse, will almost certainly wipe out all of your electrical devices as well as the entire grid on which society survives on, sending our lives back to the dark ages. But with a Faraday cage, you can keep electronics and devices protected from the effects of … read more

Automation and artificial intelligence

Automation: Will Artificial Intelligence See The End Of Humanity?

There’s one thing that puts us on top of the food chain above everything else and it’s certainly not being stronger than a lion, faster than a shark, or as venomous as a snake, it’s intelligence. We are the brightest species on this planet, and it’s why we are at … read more

off grid communication

Off Grid Communication: How to Communicate without Phone or Internet

Communication, wherever you are, is a vital resource. Whether you are a survivalist, prepper, hiker, hunter, or homesteader, having a method of off-grid communication is vital. Why is it important? Because when disaster strikes, an emergency happens, or when you are outdoors, too often we are left without cell phone … read more