EDC Gear: Top 50 Every Day Carry Essentials You Should Own

EDC: Top 50 Every Day Carry Essentials You Should Own

If you were to empty your pockets and bag right now, what would your every day carry gear be? It’s a question becoming more and more popular as we see prepared individuals show their every day carry items (EDC items) to the world.

Ready for the quickdraw, we all have the items we rely on the most whether it’s that pen your dad gave you, a wallet your wife bought you and the multi-tool that you always rely upon. What’s different about these? These are quality tactical items. The sought of stuff Jason Bourne would wear on a Sunday morning.

If you have never heard of everyday carry (or EDC) before, it works in levels of how prepared you are to deal with anything that comes your way. Need a drink? Carry some cash. Need to write something down? Carry a pen. Caught in a terrorist attack? Carry a Glock. You get the idea.

Your every carry should be able to see you cruising through normal life, right through to when the sh-t hits the fan. We are not looking at a school kid’s backpack here. This is real equipment, for real things.

In my line of work, I list my every day carry into three categories of preparedness:

  • What I need every day
  • What I need for common problems
  • What I need when the fan has been hit

When you are looking at setting up your own every day carry kit, think about these things and relate them to what you are doing. Are you going outdoors on a hike? Do you go to work in an urban area? Do you work on a ranch? Whatever your circumstances may be, you need to think about the worst that can happen and prepare for that. You might also want to take a look at your local laws. There’s no point buying an AR-15 if you aren’t actually allowed to have it.

For carrying the gear, it’s simple. Your every day carry is in three layers: what you carry on your body, in your bag, and a backup bag which is usually kept in your car. So let’s take at the top 50 every day carry items that myself and a lot of others are using. A lot of these are made to be useful to every environment, so consider whether they might help you out.

Top every day carry items on the person

Most people, no matter where they, are or who they are, carry four main items: a wallet, phone, watch and pen. But there’s a lot more to it than just that and we can carry some pretty functional kit just on our body. Let’s take a look.

Every Day Carry - self

Take note of the Tommy Hilfiger wallet. It is RFID blocking which means it blocks radio-frequency identification. Essentially what that does is stops someone from walking past with an RFID scanner and swiping the information from your bank card chips. Yes, this is real. The other bit of mentionable gear here is the Casio Rangeman. This watch wears you, you don’t wear it. For a start it has a thermometer, compass, an altimeter, solar powered and is one of the toughest bits of gear I have owned.

Every day carry on the body

Every Day Carry - clothing

An important and often forgotten part of EDC is the wearable gear. For me, I like tough clothing that is discreet and still works well whether I wear it at the range, the garden, or the city. My go to pants and ones that are quite common with a lot of law enforcement are the Fjallraven Vidda Pro pants. For a modern fashion line they are a surprisingly great pant and not too bulky and thick like what you find a lot of tactical pants are. For the footwear, I have always and will always use 5.11’s Recon Cross-Trainer. These are a rope ready mesh shoe that are wearable in everyday life. For the past two years, I have been rotating through two pairs of these depending on the different activities I get up to.

In the middle is a Maxpedition Pocket Organizer with an every day carry kit. This is what I use. Let’s take a look at the guts of it.

Pocket organizer loadout for every day carry

every day carry organiser

It is common for people to keep a more suitable small pocket organizer with them to fit all of their essentials in. This is my setup as it is more practical than carrying around a backpack full of stuff like some might do. The backpack I will save for the reserve or backup carry. When it comes to every day carry, you should be looking at a bag that is not going to be laborious or over-the-top. The most popular type of organizer that is the best seller for EDC gear is the Maxpedition Pocket Organizer.

What sort of gear are you going to keep in it? Here is what myself and a number of others carry:

The backup backpack for every day carry

The best EDC

Whenever we are in our transport, whether it be our motorbike, car or other travel, we are going to want to keep our more extensive supply kit there. This is also the place where if you can, you could fit some stronger firepower and a more advanced medical set-up than the meager band-aids we packed into our organizer.

For the bag, I am a 5.11 user and rock their rush pack. For the pack, I use a 24-hour one. There’s not much of a need to use a 72-hour pack unless you are going on a holiday and need to pack extra gear, food and water.

So what every day carry should you keep in your backup pack? This one is really up to you. Again, as mentioned before you should really think about your own situation and the type of events you can come up against.

Let’s take a look at what you should be keeping in a pack like this.

The range carry

For range days, a great piece of kit is the MR762A1. This one is a Long Rifle Package II. This is only an every day carry if you’re a range regular. Otherwise, I don’t think you would find many people driving around with this sort of gear in their car, not unless they were really expecting some interesting events to occur.

MR762A1 Long Rifle Package II.

I hope you enjoyed this array of every day carry I have put together. If you have any more, give it a shout in the comments below.

And as always, share this stuff to show that you believe in preparing for every situation. Your shares will influence others to think about their own situation and level of preparedness. Without your interactions, shares, comments and awesome attitude, things like this EDC post would not exist.

EDC: Top 50 Every Day Carry Essentials You Should Own

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