A navy SEAL wearing a gas mask in the water.

What Gas Mask Do Navy SEALs Use? Insider Insights

Navy SEALs, known for their unparalleled expertise in covert missions, rely on advanced gear tailored to their unique requirements. In their elite military operations, every gear becomes a strategic choice, and the gas mask is no exception. What gas mask do Navy SEALs exactly use? Navy SEALs predominantly use the … read more

best respirator masks

6 Best Respirators for Reusable Protection Against Particulates

Protection after a flood, during a fire, volcano or industrial work Respirators are a basic form of protection against harmful particulates. Their purpose is to stop the human body from inhaling harmful agents into the body. But when would you use it, and when do you need a full-face or … read more

man and dog with a mask walking in the street

Anti-Pollution Mask: 4 Things To Know To Deal With Toxic City Air

City pollution is no joke – and it’s growing in cities across the world Using an anti-pollution mask in toxic city environments is an absolute must. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that outdoor air pollution is responsible for 7 million deaths every year. In a recent report on creating … read more