Israeli 4A1 Defense Force Civilian Gas Mask Reviews

A gas mask that has been used, and still is used, in active NBC situations

If you are looking for a budget gas mask that is proven to keep users safe in hazardous attacks, a very basic NBC gas mask is the 4A1 Gas Mask, also known as the Israeli Gas Mask. While a lot of other gas masks have more functionality and comfort, this gas mask provides affordable nuclear, biological or chemical protection. This mask was mass developed for civilians in the Middle East, namely Israel, to provide protection to residents against chemical bombs. Its intention, as any NBC/CBRN gas mask should be, is to be used as a way to safely move and leave a contaminated area.

Important Features and Specifications

  • Provides Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical (NBC) protection
  • Fits any standard NATO 40mm gas mask filter canister
  • Goggles made from scratch resistant polycarbonate lens
  • One size fits all with harnesses to tighten according to head size
  • Includes a hydration tube with a drinking attachment
  • Regular proven use in NBC environments against chemical attacks

Details of the Israeli 4A1 Gas Mask

Israeli Gas Mask review

Gas Mask Type

This Israeli Defense Force Civilian Gas Mask is an Israeli Civil Defense Authorities approved gas mask. When used in conjunction with NATO 40mm NBC/CBRN filters, this full face mask is able to be worn in a nuclear, biological or chemical (NBC) contaminated area and provide a decontaminated face seal and filtered air supply to the wearer. The gas mask itself is made of an impermeable rubber which has a high-resistance to NBC agents and provides a tight seal and comfort to the wearer, allowing the mask to be worn for long periods until a safe, decontaminated area is reached.

It should be noted that this is not a CBRN mask, as they provide more protection in a wider range of scenarios as discussed in our rigorous review of CBRN gas masks here.


The primary and functional part of any gas mask is the facepiece, which is responsible for creating a seal of decontaminated space for the face. The Israeli Defense Civilian 4A1 facepiece is made of a formulated impermeable rubber that is soft to wear and easily able to create an airtight seal to the face with, which is the most important consideration for a good NBC gas mask. The mask uses a well-designed sealing lip to assist in creating an airtight seal. This helps wearers of gas masks who might generally have trouble with facial features in forming a seal with a gas mask. It should be noted that facial hair can prevent an airtight seal, rendering the capability of this mask to be used as an NBC mask ineffective.

The facepiece holds two scratch-resistant polycarbonate lens sit far enough away from the eyes to allow for prescription glasses to fit on the face while the mask is being worn. There is much less of a field of vision for the Israeli 4A1 gas mask in comparison to other CBRN gas masks that we have reviewed. But for the fact that it is not single wide-range face shield, and that they were small lenses, the range of vision is not as limited as one would think when looking at the gas mask.

The facepiece has connected buckles on its exterior which allows the supporting head harness to have a number of strong points of contact, keeping the mask applied firm to the face and adjustable for different sizes.

Israeli Gas Mask face

Nose cup

The nose cup is of the Israeli 4A1 mask is designed to be comfortable and effective as it is a crucial part of the system. The oral-nasal area of the mask is made of the same permeable rubber as the outside of the mask. The airflow system of the mask ensures that no exhaled air is circulated through the mask, which reduces moisture, internal fogging of the lenses, and ensures that there is no risk of a CO2 buildup in the mask.

The nose cup of the Israeli Military mask also implements a voice emitter system which allows the wearer to provide clear communication without any distortion from the mask’s seal. This section of the Israeli gas mask also contains the drinking attachment, which is easily reachable in the cup of the mask.

Israeli Gas Mask nose cup

Head Harness

The Israeli 4A1 Gas Mask uses a five-point elastic rubber straps system that allows for a quick release of the mask. These are attached to the back in a single unit with the adjusters at the front of the mask, working with a reverse traction system which allows the mask fit to be easily adjusted and tightened to fit the face.

Israeli Gas Mask Harness

Front Module

The Israeli 4A1’s front module incorporates the voice emitter system and the NATO 40mm filter attachment port. The side of the front module includes the housing for the drinking attachment system which can be used with the hosing to attach a water container and drink while wearing the gas mask.

israeli gas mask filter


The Israeli 4A1 Gas Mask uses standard 40mm NATO filters to provide respiratory protection against gases, vapors, and particles, in conjunction with the gas mask itself. The Israeli mask only has one filter port in the mask as it is not designed to be used not for long periods, but more so as a protective wear to reach a safe decontaminated area after a chemical attack or nuclear attack has occurred.

israeli gas mask filters

Accessories of the Israeli 4A1 Gas Mask

The Israeli Defense Civilian 4A1 Gas Mask Gas Mask comes with the drinking tube assembly and hose and the manufacturer’s NBC filter canister.

About The Israeli 4A1 Gas Mask

Israeli gas masks

This Israeli Defense Force gas mask is lightweight and designed as a cost-effective way to provide NBC protection to as many people as possible. For years, these were issued to civilian populations in Israel as a standard practice by the Israeli Army United Nations in response to regular dirty bombs used in civilian areas.

The masks are made of a soft rubber material with universal 40mm NATO filters and provide protection to the face, eyes and respiratory system against various chemical and biological agents. They have large impact-resistant plexiglass eye holes for a wide field of view.

While these gas masks are great for affordability, they are akin to that of an older generation gas mask in that they are limited in vision, limited in audibility, and can be uncomfortable if worn for long periods because of the rubber texture. These were designed to be used in chemical attacks in Israel, as such, they are not meant to be worn for long extensive periods. Instead, they are a means of providing clean and safe air while the person, whether it be a child or an adult, get to a safe decontaminated area and stay there until the effect of the nerve agent or toxin has been cleared by authorities.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question- 1: How to clean the Israeli Civilian 4A1 gas mask? 
Answer: The Israel 4A1 Gas Mask can be cleaned with warm soapy water. However, before cleaning, ensure you remove the filter cartridge from the front. A liquid lens cleaner can be used for the eye lens as well.

Question- 2: What does the Israeli Civilian Gas Mask protect from?
Answer: The 4A1 Gas Mask is an NBC gas mask and is approved by Israeli Civil Defense for that purpose. When it says NBC, that means it protects from nuclear, biological and chemical hazards. This gas mask has been proven time and time again to provide superior protection to residents in the Middle East from chemical attacks.

Question- 3: How much does an Israeli civilian gas mask cost? 
Answer: The pricing of the Israeli 4A1 mask differs entirely as the majority of them are sold as unused gas masks given out free by the government to residents who might live in areas prone to chemical attacks or nuclear attacks. As an on sold item, the price of these gas masks has varied since they were first introduced. Here is the current price of the Israeli 4A1 mask.

Final Verdict

The Israeli 4A1 gas mask is an approved NBC protective solution for the airways and the face. It has been widely used in various chemical attack scenarios in Israel and surrounding areas as it was designed for this purpose. The 4A1 gas mask uses NATO 40mm standard filters and is a proven, durable, high-quality mask.

Israeli gas mask

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  1. The 4A1 mask is manufactured by Shalon and distributed in America by Impertech Safety. Avoid the crap that Kyng tactical brings: Poor quality Chinese imitation of 4a1 mask, this imitation often has airtight seal problems and even air leaks.


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