SGE 400/3 BB Full-Face CBRN Gas Mask Reviews

If you are looking for a proven, high-quality NBC/CBRN gas mask, the SGE 400/3 BB Full-Face CBRN Gas Mask should be in your top list of considerations to buy. This gas mask is a high-quality CBRN gas mask that is used by military, law enforcement and survivalists around the world. Its practical design makes it durable and keeps maintenance to a bare minimum. This SGE gas mask has been field tested and proven in various uses as a reliable CBRN gas mask.

SGE 400/3 Features and Specifications

  • Designed to meet Israeli, NATO military, and civil defense requirements
  • Subcontracted by the official manufacturer of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF)
  • One of the newest CBRN gas masks in the industry being manufactured in 2017
  • Three filter ports
  • Ballistic outer lens
  • Compatible with NATO 40mm filter cartridges
  • Provides full chemical, biological, nuclear and radiation protection (CBRN)
  • Mask fitted with 6 straps that can be adjusted to ensure a perfect fit over the face
  • Uses internal drinking tube with separately sold drinking tubes
  • Butyl rubber face seal allowing for comfortable long-use

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SGE 400/3 BB CBRN Gas Mask Details

SGE 400/3 BB CBRN Gas Mask

Gas Mask Type

This SGE 400/3 BB CBRN gas mask is a NIOSH-approved CBRN gas mask. When used in conjunction with NATO 40mm CBRN filters, this full face type of gas mask is able to be worn in chemical, biological, radioactive and nuclear environments and provide a decontaminated face seal and filtered air supply to the wearer. With the butyl rubber face seal this mask has been proven to be worn for up to six days without having to be removed.



The crucial part of any CBRN gas mask is the facepiece, how it is made, and what materials are used. The SGE 400/3 BB facepiece is made of butyl silicone rubber. This is different to the SGE predecessor, the SGE 400/3, which only uses a silicone face seal which did not comply with NIOSH-approved CBRN requirements.

The facepiece of the SGE is what forms the mold for the following components: face seal, chin cup, head harness tabs, the wide vision eye lens, three filter assemblies and a receptacle for the drinking attachment.

The facepiece has buckles on its exterior which allows the supporting head harness to have a number of strong points of contact.



The nosecup is of the SGE is designed to be comfortable and effective as it is a crucial part of the system. The oral-nasal area of the mask is made of soft medical-grade silicone rubber which is designed specifically to come in contact with the body and not cause any irritation or discomfort against the skin.

Head Harness

Head Harness

The SGE 400/3 BB uses elasticized NBR rubber straps for its head harness system. These are attached to the back in a single unit. The cheek and temple straps, as mentioned above, are fastened to the buckles on the facepiece system. The pull points on the harness are located closer to the face of the mask to act tighteners when pulled together.

Front Module

Front Module

The SGE’s front module consists of protective face shield coating to protect the SGE’s internal components. The visor uses a polycarbonate material which is both highly scratchproof and chemical proof in its creation and has been tested to withstand projectiles. The front housing also contains the port for the drinking attachment system, outlet valves, and three NATO 40mm filter attachments.

The gas mask’s front module is the primary working space for the air ventilation valves. The exhalation valve uses a structure that covers the whole filtration membrane while still allowing the easy exhalation of air out of the mask, rather than having some of the exhaled air spread through the mask causing fogging.

Drinking system

Drinking system

The SGE 400/3 BB  incorporates a drinking system into the main body and the front module of the mask. The internal drinking device is an optional accessory that can easily be assembled in the bottom of the mask.



The SGE 400/3 BB uses 40mm NATO filters to provide respiratory protection against gases, vapors, and particles, in conjunction with the SGE gas mask. The SGE 400/3 has three filter ports on the mask, being in the middle, as well as the left and right cheek of the gas mask.

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SGE 400/3 BB CBRN Gas Mask Accessories

The SGE 400/3 BB CBRN Gas Mask comes with accessories that make it a contender for top NBC/CBRN gas masks. It comes with:

  • A PVC hood which covers the head, shoulders, and upper chest eliminating contaminates passing through to the mask
  • Optical lens support to fit corrective lenses to the inside of the face shield. This makes the SGE a great system for prescription glasses users.
  • An internal drinking system installed in the system and can easily be removed
  • A speech diaphragm seated in the exhalation membrane to ensure ease of verbal communication

About The SGE 400/3 BB CBRN Gas Mask

SGE 400/3 BB CBRN Gas Mask

Medical, SCUBA and military safety provider Mestel Safety previously had the SGE 400/3 gas mask as one of the world’s competitive top selling gas masks due to its wide visibility, comfort, and affordability. To comply with CBRN requirements they introduced a butyl-rubber face-seal allowing it to withstand CBRN environments.

This SGE has the benefit of coming from a long line of gas masks, which means that it has been perfected with improved functions and industry specifications over time. For instance, it has three NATO 40mm filter ports, has a mouthpiece drinking assembly, and has full vision capacity. The visor itself is made of durable polycarbonate and has been tested to resist a one-inch steel ball at 335 miles per hour without inflicting any damage on the visor. To stop the visor from fogging up, the mask has a moisture release valve to help with any situations where it may be used for extensive periods.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question- 1: How to clean the SGE gas mask? 
Answer: The SGE’s design makes cleaning and decontamination of the mask very easy. This can be done by washing the gas mask with warm, soapy water. The gas mask can be disinfected using non-aggressive disinfectants as well as by immersing the gas mask system briefly in boiling water (manufacturer’s recommendation).

Question- 2: What does the SGE 400/3 BB gas mask protect from?
Answer: It is a NIOSH-approved CBRN gas mask, which means the SGE 400/3 BB gas mask protects from chemical, biological, radioactive and nuclear chemicals, vapors and gases. This should not be confused with other SGE gas masks such as the SGE 400 or 400/3 which uses a silicone seal, not a butyl rubber seal, and therefore does not meet NIOSH CBRN requirements.

Question- 3: How much does an SGE 400/3 BB gas mask cost? 
Answer: Generally the pricing is between $200-$300 depending on whether it is new, second-hand and with filters. You can check on the latest price of the SGE 400/3 BB gas mask here.

Question- 4: How do I fasten the SGE gas mask to fit? 
Answer: Follow the instructional image below to fasten the gas mask to your sizing.

steps donning of mask

Final Verdict

The SGE 400/3 BB gas mask is a CBRN protective solution for the airways and the face. It is widely used in various services including the military, law enforcement, safety professionals, preppers, and survivalists. The SGE 400/3 BB gas mask uses NATO 40mm standard filters and is a proven, durable, high-quality mask.

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