5 Tips For Hunting At Night

The notion of night hunting seems more intense and dramatic. However, if you ask the hunters, some would gladly admit that hunt at night using a night vision scope is more fun than the alternative. It adds a kind of thrill element to the whole expedition.

There is no denying the fact that night time hunting is also thought-provoking. Perhaps, it is not recommended to a novice hunter, considering that there are many things that one has to keep in mind while doing so.

In this post, we will be sharing some essential tips on hunting at night. These will help you in honing your hunting skills.

As promised, these are some of the tips for all hunters out there. If you are a professional night hunter then you probably know all these tips, if not, well, we are happy to help.

1. Suitable Location

Choosing the right location is the most critical part when it comes to night hunting. The animals residing deep in the jungle are lethal. Plus, they have perfect night vision which means that you have to pick a hidden spot, just like you would do during daylight hunting.

  • First of all, quit the idea of going to a place that has a high population of deadly animals. The night is not a suitable time to mess with the animals. They might probably hunt you instead.
  • Secondly, make sure that you are in a high area where you can have a clear view of the surroundings. This will help in spotting the game quickly.

However, if you are hunting in clear fields and there is no heightened area then take help of some wooded area that can conceal your body and hide your presence.

If fellow hunters or friends accompany you, then make sure to sit closer to each other so that communication could be accessible. The visibility is already less in dark areas, so the least you can do is to hear each other while hunting.

2. Right Lighting

Without me explaining it at large, you should know that lighting plays a crucial role while hunting at night time. Animals that you usually hunt are fast, and it is easy to miss the game due to sufficient light.

While most of the hunters have the misconception of using white light because of its sharpness, we recommend to not use the white light at all. It usually scares away the game such as bobcat, fox, coyotes, etc. And thus, they will not come close enough for you to have a good shot.

The professionals recommend using red light that softens the bright light and reflects as a soft, dim glow that tends to illuminate the animal’s eye. If you don’t want the game to run away, then make sure to target the light slightly above the head.

Surely there are drawbacks of not having the night vision, but you can still survive the expedition if you have the skills.

3. Using Night Vision

So, for the ones that can afford night vision scope, you should know that there is a wide range of options available on the market. It could be night vision scopes, thermal imaging devices, or riflescopes.

These are dedicated products for night time hunting. They make things clear and illuminated in the low light conditions. Indeed, these are highly beneficial for the hunters, especially while hunting in the dark.

The night vision device is an excellent tool to have while hunting at night, but unfortunately, it is expensive and not attainable for all the hunters. These devices are costly because of their quality and adeptness. However, if you frequently enjoy night hunting, then this is a product that you must consider purchasing.

The riflescope is best to be used when the prey and the hunter, both are static. It needs a small amount of light to increase the visibility of the prey.

If you are chasing the game, then a thermal scope is the right choice to make. It uses thermal heat mapping to increase your visibility.

If you are looking for night time scopes that you can get a large field of view and is rugged enough to withstand heavy recoil, the night vision scope is a great choice.

It is vital to refer to multiple models in night vision devices before you go for the purchase. The options are available with classic features and highly varying costs.

For your night hunting excursions, a night vision would be a suitable purchase.

4. Hunting Call

Hunting calls is an exciting way to attract prey. It has been a proven way to entice the victim into your web that hunters had been using for thousands of years. In this, they mimic the sound of other animals to call the game.

The hunter call is especially beneficial at night time since you have limited visibility and concealed prey.

Professional hunters prefer mouth calls over digital calls, providing, the mouth call has to be done rightly. But you can find various electric digital call devices in the market that are decently helpful.

The right call will bring the prey closer and as soon as it comes in sight, your task is to shoot.

5. Patience

It is rightly said that patience is a virtue. Admittedly, at night time, the animals are less guarded, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that you will get the prey within minutes.

Sit patiently and carry on with mouth calls after every 3 to 5 minutes. You will surely spot an animal to hunt. However, if not, then also try to sit for at least 45 minutes at one location before planning to move somewhere else.


Night hunting should be done with all the essential gears and devices if you wish to have a seamless experience. As said before, if you can afford a night vision scope or any other related device then preferably invest in that.

We hope that these simple tips will help in enhancing your game. Make sure to follow each one to stay safe and come home with the game.

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