How to Survive Martial Law: A Guide to Staying Safe

Martial law is one thing all preppers fear, and it can be a terrifying experience. America is facing times of social unrest that far surpasses historical unrest. Uncontrollable riots, social unrest, and more may lead to a call for Martial Law, no matter who presides over the nation.

A massive social uprising has been in the works for a long time. Not only can social unrest cause a call for Martial Law, but it can happen after any natural or human-made disaster. While not the same thing, we saw President Trump declaring a national emergency to force funds for a border wall. We never know what to expect from the government.

Since we currently aren’t under Martial Law, and if you can read this, we still aren’t under Martial Law, now is the time to figure out what to do and how to prepare.

What is Martial Law?

Before we dive into how to survive Martial Law, you have to understand what it is.

The Supreme Court hasn’t given us a full definition of what it entails, but Martial Law is the suspension of ordinary law, the Constitution, the Government and more. A military dictatorship replaces the rules during emergencies or civil unrest when the current government cannot perform their job.

Martial Law isn’t just a worry for America; it can happen anywhere in the world. It can happen for a variety of reasons, such as:

  • War
  • An EMP attack
  • A natural disaster such as a hurricane or Yellowstone erupting
  • A foreign invasion
  • Civil war

How to Survive Martial Law

Living under Martial Law is scary. The right to a fair trial is waved, and freedom of speech is gone. You can’t stop it from happening, which makes it feel even scarier. There are a few things you can do to survive Martial Law and gain control of your situation.

Stock Up Ahead of Time

Like any disaster scenario, it’s best to prepare ahead of time than during the situation. During Martial Law, store shelves will clear out in a heartbeat, and going to the store will be a scary job. You want to make sure you have plenty of food and water stocked up. Always have a minimum of 3 days’ worth of food stored, and you need one gallon of water per person per day.

Always Keep a Low Profile

What you don’t want is to become a target. Those who riot or are civilly disobedient are targets. During this time, preppers are vulnerable, and you need to keep a low profile at all times. Never call attention to yourself.

Never talk about your prepping. No one else needs to know what your family does or doesn’t have. Don’t dress in military-style clothing. Camouflage isn’t a good choice; save it for the wilderness. If you wear military clothing, you risk confrontation. Remember – low profile.

Listen, Don’t Talk

Freedom of speech is gone, so it’s best not to talk. Do more listening than talking. See what your neighbors or friends say, and hope that no one knows you’re a prepper. Lying in this situation is okay.

Trust No One

During Martial Law, people will try to impersonate military or law enforcement officers. Some might try to become the law. Preppers call this WROL post-disaster, which stands for Without The Rule of Law. It’s possible, so trust no one.

That also goes for friends and neighbors. They can quickly turn you in for things that you might say or do, so trust no one. These are scary times.

Know the Rules

Rules and laws change under Martial Law, so keep a tab on the current rules to avoid getting in trouble. Write them down or keep them in a notebook. Always pay attention to the rules that the authorities tell you, and understand that they can change during the chaos.

It can be hard to keep track of everything because you will receive different reports. Keep track of who said what will help.

Pretend You Have Nothing

Hopefully, as a prepper, you have enough water and food supplies in your cabinet, but you can’t let anyone else know you have these stockpiles. You have less reason to head onto the streets, but you need to play the part. Remember – low profile. People will notice that you, somehow, can never leave your house and they’ll ask questions.

Check out what your neighbors do and do that. Go to the local grocery store and pick up bread and other groceries.

If you do need to pick up supplies, try to avoid large stores like Walmart. Make sure you have cash on hand because ATM and credit card machines might crash.  

Avoid “Camps”

Avoid getting stuck in camps or large shelters with hundreds or thousands of people. These situations can quickly spiral out of control. You’re opening yourself up to a dangerous scenario, and people are likely to react violently. Bringing your family into these locations is rarely a good thing, and the military can force you to stay once you’re inside.

Decide If You Should Stay or Go

One of the most important things to decide is if you should stay where you are or go. Typically, the safest place for your family is inside of your house without lights on, but what if you can’t stay there. You don’t want to run out of food or water under Martial Law.

Whatever you do, don’t make plans late. The military and National Guard are trained to respond quickly and in a calculated way. Figure out how long you can stay in a spot and pick a backup location just in case you need to bug out. Be prepared to leave if needed. You don’t have to die for your home.

Safety in Numbers

The last thing you need to survive Martial Law is to have some community. Even if you don’t have weapons, you’re always safer in a group. You need people that you can count on to protect you. It makes you safer when facing troops or law enforcement. However, make sure you pick the right group and be wary of groups who make poor choices. Leave them behind fast – especially when survival is on the line during a SHTF scenario.

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  1. Many people will run there mouth and get into serious trouble,many don’t know when to keep there mouth shut and listen, stay away from those people

  2. I’m a single lady,- somewhat disassociated from close friends etc.due to my thinking& understanding of what you’ve just mentioned in your article. What should I do or or where can I go to meet like minded positive people?

    773-901-5824 ( Thank you.

  3. Trump might use the virus as an excuse for declaring martial law. Then he can call off the election so he can stay in power. WHO DID YOU VOTE FOR IN 2016?

  4. Have you considered the way trump has reacted to our current medical crisis? he has spread massive amounts of misinformation. Some of his supporters have threatened the life of one of our top medical experts. Why? because Fauci proved that trump LIED during a nation wide press conference. Fauci was ONLY DOING HIS JOB.
    Trump has said that he could live with 200,000 American citizens dying from the virus.DOES THAT SOUND LIKE A PERSON WHO SWORE TO PROTECT THE LIVES OF AMER. CITIZENS?

    • Here we are in 2021and we know Fauchi was a fat part of the Corruption!!..It wasn’t Trump lying, it’s been Fauchi and Biden sending our Tax Dollars to Wuhon, China to develope the COVID Virus!! Spread it, allow Illegal unvaccinated Immigrants into America to spread it more, and then try to destroy President Trump when he got the vaccine made!!.. Boy do I miss our REAL President Trump!!

      • Now that the Dems are in power, I have to read up on this stuff to avoid actually dying. They should never be allowed into positions of power because they will kill us all, straight up. It’s insane how delusional the blind voters for the left can be. There are delusional people on the right, don’t get me wrong. But if you vote for the Dems, you either hate America or you’re too dumb to be voting.

        • Totally agree. It’s not even just democrats tho. The Bush family is just as corrupt. People seem to forget that all these a$$holes loved Trump until he became president and started airing their dirty little secrets. Bush Sr told him everything before he died. And everyone at his funeral got a note telling them Trump knew it all. That’s why they went after him so fkn hard. He’s trying to help us and u all hate him for it. Wake up!!!

          Patriots I invite u to follow me on Twitter @countryqbangirl

          • I can’t understand how you all can’t see that what Stephanie is saying is true! The reality of it is… We wouldn’t have to have write ups like this one if she was wrong.

      • Hate to break it to you but both Fox News and NewsMax are both owned by Illuminati families- owner of newsmax regularly donates to the Clinton foundation, and Fox News is often the worst of the fake news because it grossly deceives conservatives just like cnn and the like do the left. Two wings on the same bird.

    • Fauci is a murder. You live in lala land . You need to fallow the real science. All that us going on is planned. I will not help people as stupid as you.
      Stasis in the white house.
      the clot shots kill.

    • You’re delusional and in need of urgent help if you think Fauci is looking out for the safety of the people.

      Keep smoking that crack.

  5. I think you’re all mistaken if you think you can trust any news outlet from anywhere these days to provide factual, unbiased news.

    Democrats, Republicans, to me its the same thing. Monsters in positions of power pushing through agenda’s that favor them, either financially because they’re bought or immediately because they get something out of it.

    Never assume that someone in power gets to the point, where you know their name without having had any personal interaction with them, without being someone who has enough dirt on them to deserve life in prison.

    Always assume and prepare for the worst, whilst hoping for the best when it comes to people.

    Same with marriage vows. This isn’t an era where you can get happily married without covering your respective assets for the potential and likely devorce. ;p


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