(Working Draft) 8 Best Tactical Flashlights; Most Durable, & Powerful of 2022

Sight is the sense we rely on most. That’s why any outdoorsman or woman with reasonable experience will carry at least a single flashlight. Plus, we need to be ready if the entire grid goes down. Modern versions have become more feature-packed and high-tech than ever, creating a subcategory known as the tactical flashlight.

Many of these lights share similar characteristics. They are compact but deliver moderate to high output in lumens, they have robust and grippy frames, and they are designed to integrate with the rest of your survival kit. They could even serve as a self-defense weapon. Here are the tactical flashlights we’d put in our kit.

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8 Best Tactical Flashlights
    1. SureFire G2X
    2. Olight Warrior X Pro Tactical Flashlight
    3. Panther Vision Flateye
    4. Streamlight 69260 TLR-1 HL
    5. Fenix PD35
    6. Coast XP18R 3650
    7. Klarus G15
    8. Streamlight 88040 ProTac
Flashlights for Survival

8 Best Tactical Flashlights

1. SureFire G2X

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The G2X is an industry standard for a reason. It combines a high-powered light, simple operation and multiple modes to deliver a quality solution that’s available for around $60. With a Nitrolon body, super-tough 600-lumen LED emitter and anodized aluminum bezel, the G2X can serve as a weapon in a pinch and stands up to the elements in any situation. SureFire is one of the most trusted names in the industry because of its ability to deliver quality products like this. The G2X comes in a variety of colors and grip styles to complement any task-specific loadout.


  • Lightweight and rigid polymer body
  • Available in a double configuration, providing switching and output options
  • Strong and durable
  • Relatively low MSRP for a top quality company
  • Runtime testing matches the manufacturer’s claims


  • High battery consumption
  • It has a blinding output

2. Olight Warrior X Pro Tactical Flashlight


The Olight Warrior X PRO packaging is appealing right out of the box. It has a substantial feel about it, and it is just stunning. They paid attention to even the slightest details while designing this flashlight, with a buzzing low-battery warning.

Many items are in the package, including a lanyard, TGR ring, holster, magnetic USB charging cord, and a user manual. The only thing we’re lacking is a supply of extra O-rings.

For power and mode switching, the X PRO relies on a single switch positioned at the device’s rear. Every time you wish to switch between modes, you must adjust the location of your hand. Unfortunately, there are only two modes.

A tactical ring and a pocket clip automatically connect as a default. While you cannot use the pocket clip without the tactical ring, it is possible to switch between the two. Another ring constructed from a rubber designed to improve grip, which Olight refers to as a ‘Tactical Grip Ring,’ was included. On the other hand, this ring is incompatible with the pocket clip. 

We like that it does not shut the flap with velcro tape but rather with a magnet. It features a hole in the bottom, which is most likely a safety precaution for children. It is impossible to fold this holster like other holsters because of its highly thick substance and almost plastic-like construction.

Overall, there are many things to admire about this light fixture. It exudes quality from the minute you take the box in your hand. Every design has a particular purpose in mind. An intriguing feature is the buzzing Low Battery alarm, which sounds when the battery runs low. You can no longer ignore an electrical low-voltage alert. The LED was perfectly positioned, and the XHP35 is a powerful device.


  • Great packaging
  • Very high quality
  • Great accessories
  • Bright and nice performance


  • A little more control over the modes is needed
  • Proprietary Olight battery and charger

3. Panther Vision Flateye

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This aesthetically pleasing newcomer to the world of tactical flashlights packs a tremendous amount of technology into a compact design that your friends will want to check out. Built to have a lower profile and a better grip than round flashlights, the Flateye is available in a variety of sizes with outputs of up to 2,100 lumens and a range of 640 feet. Because of its unique UNROUND design, the Flateye seals better than competing flashlights and can wear the label of waterproof. It can be submerged for up to 30 minutes in 1 meter of water. It also features unique cooling fins and up to 40 hours of battery life.


  • Rechargeable
  • Comfortable to hold and keeps it from rolling off a flat surface
  • Rugged and well-made
  • The heat dissipation fins keep the light cool
  • Waterproof up to 1m


  • A bit expensive
  • You can’t turn off the light without cycling through all the brightness settings 
  • Tough to see the battery status indicator

4. Streamlight 69260 TLR-1 HL


The 69260 TLR-1 HL might not have the easiest name of our selections, but it can sure get the job done. Designed as a dedicated weapon-mounted light, it produces 800 lumens of output and features a simple-to-use mounting system that can integrate easily with most common weapons systems. The simple attachment system keeps your hands away from the muzzle when mounting and unmounting the light, and an ambidextrous on/off switch allows you to operate it using either hand. Like the Panther Vision, it’s waterproof, but this light only has about 1.25 hours of runtime.


  • The switches, clips, and mechanisms are easy to use and well thought out
  • IPX7 waterproof to 1M
  • The beam is pretty practical
  • Lightweight design with a built-in mount
  • Bright but a small package


  • Some users had breakages with the tail rocker switch assembly/battery door latch
  • Rocker switches can be accidentally activated

5. Fenix PD35

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If output is a priority for you, you should consider the Fenix PD35 TAC. This little powerhouse is just over 5 inches long, but it produces 1,000 lumens of clear light from a Cree XP-L V5 LED. With a beam distance of 650 feet, the Fenix is a pocket-sized alternative to many larger flashlights. It also benefits from the option to use rechargeable lithium-ion batteries and can run in any of six specific output modes. Capping things off on this very complete package, the PD35 is fully waterproof to 1 meter for 30 minutes.


  • Turbo level output & throw is great
  • It has an eco/moonlight mode for a high power light
  • The tail-cap switch is very friendly and easy to click
  • The battery level indicator works well
  • Smaller yet powerful and lighter


  • It cannot turn on via a side switch
  • Lower capacity battery still included
  • Sometimes the side mode switch can be difficult to locate

6. Coast XP18R 3650

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With a maximum 3650 brightness light output and a beam distance of 1,083 feet, Coast’s XP18R Tactical Flashlight is a strong beast. The flashlight has a rechargeable battery and charging connection, but you can also use it with alkaline cells. The Coast XP18R offers a sliding focus for switching between flood and spot beams and a turbo mode for maximum lumens, and a runtime of almost 58 hours on the lowest level.

We think Coast’s excellent XP18R is another contender for the best tactical LED lighting. This light has much flexibility in usage, such as switching between a spot beam and a flood and activating turbo mode, producing 3,650 lumens. Because of the built-in slide focus feature, switching between modes is simple using the straightforward push or pull operation.

You’ll also use either the bundled Xithion-X rechargeable battery or standard alkaline batteries to power it up. The XP18R will supply almost 58 hours of light at its lowest level. 

When the Coast XP18R is in turbo mode, the light reaches a distance of roughly 1083 feet in front of you. The XP18R from Coast is one of the greatest tactical flashlights Amazon offers, with a robust aluminum housing and one of the brightest lumens.


  • It has a powerful 3650 lumen maximum light output
  • The light that comes off the torch is clear, crisp, and white
  • Priced mid-range, considering its lumen count.
  • Has two options for power
  • Turbo mode is helpful for excess light


  • The intuitive selector switch needs a shield
  • You’ll need to spend a little longer searching for a holster that fits this flashlight

7. Klarus G15

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Klarus has introduced the Klarus G15 flashlight, a new 21700 light with a halogen bulb. This light is a Cree XHP70.2 that claims to produce 4000 lumens powered by a single 21700 battery.

When it comes to construction quality, the body has what seems to be the “new standard” in terms of finish. It is not genuinely knurling but more of a grip pattern than anything else. The tail/cell tube is a single component. The light as a whole is composed of just two major components. In addition, the tail end features a robust and hefty spring.

The Klarus comes with a friction-fit pocket clip already attached to the unit. The clip has a lovely “deep carry” feel and is pretty tight. A single lithium-ion rechargeable lithium-ion battery powers the Klarus G15. For the first time, unlike many previous lights in this series (particularly those by Thrunite and Olight), this 21700 is not proprietary, and any other normal 21700 cells will function with it.

In terms of the cell, this light can produce 4000 lumens in actuality. That is a significant amount of production. You wouldn’t expect it to maintain that level for an extended period. However, the production is relatively limited at that level, and it rapidly drops into the 2000 area. This light displays 2000 lumens due to the step-down, shown by the 30-second reading following it. The first output drains more than 12A from a single cell, indicating that although we said that any cell would function in the light, it is likely that not all cells can handle that kind of current.

Aside from that, this lamp has some quite active heat control. Immediately after the first step down, the output dips in what seems to be a temperature-based pattern before gradually increasing again, reaching the 2000 lumen range. It continues until the battery voltage lowers and the light dims to a deficient level.

Overall, many aspects of the Klarus G15 21700 flashlight are appealing. Unlike many comparable lights, this light does not use proprietary or modified 21700. That is a significant bonus. The construction quality is excellent, and the output is thermally regulated.


  • The initial output is exceptionally bright
  • Regulated and high output in the High mode
  • It includes a regular 21700 cell
  • Good UI with easy access to Moonlight and Turbo
  • Complete package


  • Cool white emitter
  • The price is a little high

8. Streamlight 88040 ProTac

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Streamlight makes our list for the second time with the venerable ProTac 88040 HL light. With a handsome, timeless design, the 88040 gets a 750-lumen C4 LED with up to 250 meters of range. It features an aircraft aluminum body with knurled texture for excellent grip and can operate in three different modes: high, strobe and low. The light is also programmable, allowing you to quickly switch it on to your mode of choice. It can also be mounted to your favorite weapon. Best of all, it’s offered at a middle-of-the-pack price-point of about $60.


  • Easy to use and lightweight
  • It has a mighty high setting
  • ​Durable and compact design
  • ​Simple programming


  • It can get hot on the highest setting
  • Take more time to get charge

Flashlights for Survival

These eight lights provide something for everyone, whether your needs are for form-factor, weapons integration, outright performance or even sleek looks. Anyone who’s never used a tactical flashlight before should be outright impressed with the performance and versatility each of these lights offers. We suggest you pick up one or more for your home and bug-out kit. You never know when you’ll need a little extra light.

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