Heat Your Home During a Power Outage

Alternative Heat Sources for Power Outages: Facts & Tips

When disaster strikes, and the power goes out, staying warm is essential for your comfort and safety. For those who believe in being prepared for anything, it’s crucial to know the best alternative heat sources for power outages.  Key Takeaways: This article takes a closer look at various options beyond … read more

how to keep us military gas mask from fogging

How To Keep US Military Gas Mask From Fogging

Experiencing fogging in your gas mask can be frustrating and even dangerous, especially in critical situations. Understanding how to keep US military gas masks from fogging is essential for clear visibility and safety. To keep US military gas masks from fogging, regular maintenance, proper fitting, and the use of anti-fogging … read more

what materials protect against nuclear radiation

What Materials Protect Against Nuclear Radiation

Navigating the world of radiation safety can be daunting, especially when considering what materials protect against nuclear radiation. This article delves into the various materials and methods that offer protection, providing you with essential knowledge and peace of mind. Materials that protect against nuclear radiation include lead, concrete, barium sulfate, … read more

Two military men in uniform, wearing gas mask and helmet while holding a gun.

What Type Of Gas Mask Does The Military Use?

The gas mask is a critical line of defense in our military personnel’s arsenal of protective gear. It is a marvel of technology and innovation, designed to keep our brave soldiers safe in the harshest environments known to man. The question resonates: What type of gas mask does the military … read more

Starting a fire with battery

How to Start a Fire With a Battery

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Cheap foods that last a long time

Cheap Foods That Last a Long Time: Storage Tips + Meal Ideas

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Propane vs Gas Generator

Propane vs Gas Generator: Which Is Best?

Power generators can prove invaluable in times of crisis. Propane and gas generators are the most sought-after options, but which is better? You probably live in a home powered by electricity. You rely on the electric company to power your lights, refrigeration, heat, and TV. While some things you can … read more