Firefly: The World’s First Signal-Boosting Indestructible iPhone Case

This innovative iPhone case, known as the Firefly, is a widely popular crowdfunded solution to the common problem of a lack of phone signal for those in the home, outdoors, or on some far-flung place of the world where no signal dares to roam.

Developed by Seattle-based entrepreneur Pete Teng as a method to battle the every day “can you hear me now” problem, the Firefly is an iPhone case that solves the issue with an in-built newly patented Super Antenna Technology.

His design and patent is designed to disrupt the existing durable phone case market by not only being a highly protective case, but also using the new antenna technology to increase connectivity capacity and signal reach, which also has a large impact on your phone’s battery resources.

What does the Firefly iPhone case do that other cases don’t?

iPhone case

The Firefly is making waves for one big reason, it’s a personal device that increases the receptivity of signals to your phone, so essentially what you’d want a signal booster to do. And the proof is in proven results as tested in various areas.

What does this mean for the average iPhone user who doesn’t travel out of signal service that often? When it comes to mobile phones, the biggest tax on a battery’s resources is searching for a signal.

When your phone is consistently searching for a stronger signal, it hinders the capacity of your phone’s system and drains the battery substantially. So when you’re buying a battery case for your iPhone, which might also be shock-proof, it still doesn’t fix the root of the problem of a draining battery.

With the Firefly case, your phone isn’t consuming time searching for a better WiFi or cellular signal, instead, because of its antennae’s further reach than a normal phone capacity, your battery spends less of its resources on searching for that stronger signal.

How does the Firefly case increase the signal of the iPhone?Factors to Improved Signal Reception

The case itself is essentially an indestructible external antenna which is able to provide larger coverage to ensure mobile connectivity than the small built-in antennae in the iPhone.

The Firefly’s technology outperforms the capacity of signal booster stickers as they are not able to cover the frequencies required and fail to couple with the iPhone’s internal antennas. The Firefly exceeds this technology by providing the frequencies in its antenna system to adhere to a global working space, not just specific areas.

In the following speed test video, you can see the results of an iPhone 6 with the Firefly case, and the iPhone 7 on the right without the Firefly case. There is a notable difference in the speeds, showing that the iPhone 6 with the Firefly case outperformed the iPhone 7.

Is the Firefly case durable?

As we have mentioned already, the Firefly case is indestructible. It has been thoroughly ‘field tested’ to withstand more than normal accidents that you might experience in life.

The frame of the Firefly is made with a WavGEL inner liner which absorbs kinetic energy upon impact and is built into a shock absorber for high drop protection.

For instance, it can withstand:

A 12-foot drop onto a concrete floor

A 12-foot drop onto a concrete floor

Being thrown against a brick wall

Being thrown against a brick wall

A long throw with a few bounces on the ground

A long throw with a few bounces on the ground

When will it be ready to buy?

The Firefly (called that because of its soft glow on its edges) is currently undergoing crowdfunding through Kickstarter, however, the first copies of the Firefly expect to be rolled out to buyer’s hands by April 2018.

However, the phone case has exceeded its initial funding so it may be available earlier than imagined.

To order your own Firefly at a cheaper than retail price, visit their Kickstarter page where your backing (about USD$35) can secure your own Firefly pre-order.

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