[ NEW ] Top 8 Best Hunting Bows of 2022

Some might think bows are already outdated in surviving a prepping lifestyle or during SHTF moments. I know guns are necessary, but bows are best for stealth hunting.

It increases your chance of hitting the target since it does not produce a loud noise during shooting. Not only can it also provide a food source, but a bow can also assist you in self-defense.

Are you contemplating buying a new hunting compound bow? If yes, then you have come into the right place. In this article, I will answer all your questions about hunting bows.

Hunting Compound Bows of 2022
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The Best Hunting Bow: A Comparison
The Best Hunting Compound Bows of 2022
     01. Bear Archery Legit 
     02. PSE Stinger Max Compound Bow
     03. Diamond Archery Prism Compound Bow
     04. Barnett Archery TS380 High-Speed Crossbow
     05. Bear Archery Cruzer Compound Bow
     06. Predator Archery Raptor
     07. Bear Archery Paradox
     08. Southland Archery Supply SAS Rage 70
Finding the Best Bow For You: Specifications and Features
Key Features You Need in Testing Your Bow
Tips Before Buying Your Bow

You will learn the best hunting bows of 2022, essential archery terms, and what to do before buying. I will also answer some relevant FAQs in the end part.

The Best Hunting Bow: A Comparison

Bow ModelSpeed (fps)Weight (lbs)Ratings (stars)UsersArrows? ValueCheck Price
Bear Archery Legiteditor_badge

315 3.6 4.7 Beginners and Intermediate level usersNoShooter-friendly and draws smoothlyCheck Price
PSE Stinger Max Compound3123.85 Beginners Yes Good ValueCheck Price
Diamond Archery Prism Compound2953.2 4.8 Users with smaller frames: kids, women, teens, young adults No AdjustableCheck Price
Barnett Archery TS380 High-Speed3716.94. 5All types of users No Accurate ShootingCheck Price
Bear Archery Cruzer Compound3153.64.6For all users (Beginner-friendly)NoVersatileCheck Price
Predator Archery Raptor3153.64.6Fits all usersNoQuiet and FastCheck Price
Bear Archery Paradox 3304.34.6Fits all users No Excellent PricingCheck Price
Southland Archery Supply SAS Rage 70 2754.244.3 For adults only No Durability and high qualityCheck Price

The Best Hunting Compound Bows of 2022

It is pretty confusing to know that there are a lot of compound hunting bows on the market. Especially when you are a beginner, it may seem overwhelming.

I know you only want to land on the best of the best. Worry not! Here are my reviews on the eight different hunting bows I have used already.

Bear Archery Legit

BEAR ARCHERY Legit RTH RH70 Throwback Green Compound Bow (
Bear Archery

Bear Archery Legit is an entry-level compound bow released last 2021. Bear Archery has positioned this bow to cater to all ages and skill levels.

What I like most about this hunting bow is it allows you to have great accessories and performance at an entry-level price. 

Right off the bat, they redesigned the cams to become a more significant load. They also engineered this hunting bow to have high adjustability. The metal modules pave the way for half and full-inch adjustments. 

As a result, its draw length ranges from 14 inches to 30 inches, and its draw weight ranges from 10 lbs to 70 pounds. This feature is impressive since it makes the hunting bow versatile for all users. 

Upon checking this bow, I observed that it has many cool features. Focusing on its aluminum riser, I discovered that it has many sleek cutouts giving a techy-looking finish.

It is also a 75 percent let-off cam. Because of this, this bow will fit younger archers, even kids. But, it is not a problem if adults use this Legit Bow as they can still shoot this at 70 pounds for hunting activities.

Though it has a bit of sponginess in the back wall, it still rolls over into the mods smoothly. I also noticed that the grip is excellent too.

Another nice feature of this hunting bow I want to share with you is its free three-month Onyx premium membership. You can use this subscription for all your hunting and weather needs.

Overall, I recommend this bow for beginners and intermediate-level users who do not want to pour all their money into their setup.


There are two package options to choose from when you want to buy Bear Archery Legit Bow. The base RTH package is includes:

  • A four-pin bow sight with a light
  • Basic standard whisker biscuit rest
  • A Five-era quiver from Trophy Ridge
  • Blitz stabilizer and sling
  • A no-tie peep loop

On the other hand, the next tier package is what they call the Extra package. It includes all the accessories in the RTH package plus the following:

  • Five arrows from Trophy Ridge
  • An Archex release
  • Three siphon broadheads

The Base RTH package costs $399 retail. However, if you want to opt for the extra package then the price will bump up to $519. 

Other specifications of this bow include:

  • Cost-wise
  • Simple to adjust
  • High quality accessories
  • American-made
  • Hunt and shoot ready


  • Cost-wise
  • Simple to adjust
  • High quality accessories
  • American-made
  • Hunt and shoot ready


  • Sponginess in the back wall
  • Too short for target shooters

PSE Stinger Max Compound Bow

PSE Stinger Max Compound Bow
PSE Stinger MAX

PSE is one of the go-to brands of most hunters and archery enthusiasts when finding the best hunting bows of 2022. One of its popular compound bows is the PSE Stinger Max.

Though it is not the fastest in PSE bow lineups, it possesses many excellent features. Also, this model has been highly rated, achieving the top among its competitors.

First in the list of its features is its brace height which is 7 inches long. Its height is one of the significant reasons why it is a forgiving hunting bow. Another feature that struck me most was the bow’s appearance. It is the first thing I noticed.

PSE Stinger Max’s camo riser and back limbs are incredibly eye-catching. The riser’s cutouts are well-dispersed, adding to the overall aesthetic appeal of the hunting bow. Even while it’s not necessary, having a nice bow is still a brilliant idea no matter what you want to use it for.

In terms of its shooting performance, this compound bow can shoot even in confined and restricted spaces. The PSE Stinger Max can perform in-ground blind or hidden hanging treestand. The reason behind this is its compact size having a 30 inches axle-to-axle measurement.

Like the Legit Bow we previously discussed, this hunting bow can also be best for beginners. It is easy to learn and use. But, people with intermediate to expert skills can also opt for this. Its full draw cycle is smooth, and its back wall is rock solid, giving users consistency and long-term accuracy.

On the other hand, as I repeatedly used this bow, I noticed some disadvantages along the way. One of these is its lack of adjustability.

For instance, even if the draw length ranges from 21.5 to 30 inches, it could still be challenging for people with petite frames to fit. Additionally, its range of draw weights adjustment can be appealing to smaller adults because it has a minimum of 55 pounds.

Other specifications of this bow include:

  • 80% let-off
  • 312 feet per second speed
  • 21 ½ to 30 inches draw length range
  • 30 to 70 pounds draw weight
  • 30 inches axle-to-axle 
  • 7 inches brace height


  • 5-pin sight
  • Truglo biscuit style rest
  • Rubber stabilizer and string
  • Peep loop

The Stinger Max has a $399 base price with the compound hunting bow as an inclusion. The RTS package is at $479 and the Pro package is at $529. 


  • Nice short compact set up
  • Comes in 7 different colors
  • Great performance at a lower price point


  • Lack of adjustability

Diamond Archery Prism Compound Bow

Diamond Archery Prism Compound Bow
Diamond Archery

The next best hunting bow is the Diamond Archery Prism Compound Bow. This bow used the successful Edge series by Diamond Archery as a benchmark.

This compound hunting bow is best for beginning archers and young bowhunters that grow with the hunter. This model has outstanding adjustability and is great for beginners. 

Therefore, if you get it early enough, your kids can grow with it for a very long time. It is appropriate for both target practice and bow hunting. It also supports archers with smaller frames.

I recommend this to kids, tweens, teenagers, and adults, including women. It will appeal to both novice and expert bowhunters and bow huntresses.

I also like how this hunting bow has two variations: for right-handed and left-handed archers. Even if this bow performs well, do not get your hopes up.

A $300 bow’s performance will never be as good as those in the $600 to $700 price range. Moreover, you cannot also expect a high-quality string as I have compared it to other custom-built strings. It seems to wear out faster.

When it comes to accessories, it has the same ones as the entry-level compound bows mentioned above. But, this bow has a smooth draw and lighter weight that is best for kids. 

Other specifications of this bow include:

  • 80% let-off
  • 295 feet per second IBO speed
  • 18 to 30 inches draw length range
  • 5 to 55 pounds draw weight
  • 31 inches axle-to-axle 
  • 7 inches brace height
  • 3.2 pounds unloaded weight


  • nice beginner bow
  • premium accessories
  • extremely adaptable
  • has versions for righties and lefties


  • strings are not of high quality

Barnett Archery TS380 High-Speed Crossbow

Barnett Archery TS380 High-Speed Crossbow
Barnett Archery

Another one of the best bows of 2022 on my list is the Barnett Archery TS380 Crossbow. Its assembly is one of the straightforward ones out there.

You can put the riser on with just one bolt, and then you are good to go! You can adjust its quiver depending on your best hand side, left or right, in one bolt and set screw. 

In terms of the bow appearance, I find it comfortable, nice, and light. And another feature I like is the scope can be adjusted based on the user height. One time, my friend, taller than me, borrowed this crossbow, and it still fits him. 

The safety feature of this hunting bow is highly commendable. It has an ambidextrous safety, letting you see from both sides very clearly.

Its anti-dry fire has a nice finger track where you can keep your fingers and hold on below. The rubber also adds a comfortable feel whenever I am using it. 

This crossbow has a lot of power. While in the woods, the suggested 380-grain arrows perform well at dealing speed and damage. Additionally, when hunting challenging prey, the unexpected power generated by each shot for its size does feel like overkill.

It is also my first time seeing a crossbow trigger like this one. Barnett Archery did a great job in making the TS380 trigger. The flight track of this crossbow is constructed of CNC-machined aluminum. This enables you to grasp your arrows more securely or tightly without compromising their ability to fly.

 It comes with a 4 x 42 multi-reticle power scope, rope cocking device, lightweight bow sight, mount quiver, two 20-inch headhunter arrows, and lubrication wax. 

The whole package retail is $530, which I consider a pretty good deal since it goes with accessories and a warranty.

Other specifications of this bow include:

  • Velocity: up to 380 fps
  • Recommended Arrows: approximately 380 grain arrows
  • Trigger Mechanism: TriggerTech
  • Crossbow Weight: 6.9 lbs. (does not include accessories)
  • Power Stroke: 12.625″
  • Draw Weight: 201 lbs.
  • Crossbow Length: 32.375-34.875″ (does not include foot stirrup)
  • Draw Style: Solid X bow


  • TriggerTech’s trigger works well
  • appropriate for crank cocking mechanisms
  • streamlined and adjustable stock
  • great safety


  • A bit confusing to use

Bear Archery Cruzer Compound Bow

Bear Archery

This brand new Bear Cruzer G2 is a fantastic package bow that gives users a lot of adjustability and versatility.

If you consider yourself a new shooter, this one is definitely for, especially when looking for 50lb or less to pull. 

I tried to adjust this hunting bow according to my preference, and it did not take so much time. I can change the draw weight, length, and height with just a single Allen wrench. It is the perfect compound bow to use for people who just came back from being used to crossbow hunting

The Bear Cruzer G2 has an excellent grip — long, adequately angled, slender, and flat-backed. It allows you to get back on track quickly since you can easily build the pull from lightest to heaviest.

I was relieved that the throat didn’t sink too much beneath the arrow shelf because it encourages steady hand placement. 

The draw cycle is generally smooth, and you are not surprised by the bow’s 70% let-off. However, the bow has no limb or cable brakes, which results in a quiet valley. The more the limb bolts are cranked in, the more eager the bow is to shoot.

Draw firmly into the valley and get used to the soft feeling. You will notice some creeping, especially with draw weights above 50 pounds.

The package itself is just $399. All you need to buy separately are your arrows and release; then, you are good to go! So you have many features and accessories without breaking the bank. 

Other specifications of this bow include:

  • 315 feet per second speed
  • 12 to 30 inches actual draw length
  • 5 to 70 pounds draw weight
  • 30 inches axle-to-axle 
  • 6.5 inches brace height
  • 3.0 pounds unloaded weight

Package inclusions:

  • 4-pin Trophy Ridge bow sight
  • Trophy Ridge whisker biscuit
  • five arrow quiver
  • Stabilizer and sling
  • Peep sight
  • Nock loop


  • Has a complete bow package with 6 accessories ready
  • Very adjustable
  • Light weight and easy to carry
  • A lot of colors to choose from


  • Not for people with long arms
  • Arrows and release are sold separately

Predator Archery Raptor

Predator Archery Raptor
Predator Archery

Next on the list is this Predator Archery Raptor. It is the quietest bow among the compound hunting bows I have tried.

This bow is best for beginners in hunting looking for quality bow and accessories at a value price. My niece tried this bow and found it easy to shoot in a 24 to 31-inch draw lengths, and 30 to 70 pounds draw height adjustments. 

A comprehensive selection of equipment is provided with the Predator Archery Raptor Compound Bow Package. As you can see, the bow itself can be adjusted to the particular shooter. The package comes with an Allen tool kit. The tools will help you set up your compound bows and accessories. 

From time to time, the toolkit offers excellent help to me whenever I address some accuracy issues with my bow. In terms of its weight, I find it comfortable.

It is not light to the point that it gets super wobbly. Raptor’s weight is enough to provide stability while in use, that is why I consider this one as a best hunting bow.

Other specifications of this bow include:

  • 315 feet per second speed
  • 24.5 to 31 inches draw length
  • 30 to 70 pounds draw weight
  • 30 inches axle-to-axle 
  • 3.6 pounds unloaded weight
  • 75% let-off


  • Has a lifetime warranty
  • Smooth and consistent shooting
  • Durable and solid
  • Has aluminum cams
  • Quietest bow
  • Good customer services from manufacturer


  • Only for right-handed persons
  • Occasional problems with cable guard

Bear Archery Paradox

Bear Archery

First things first, I like how Bear did a great job with Paradox’s finish. The bow also has a long-lasting and durable feel.

In terms of the bow’s riser, cutouts are well spread out and serve their purposes, making the bow super lightweight. The limbs of Paradox are a bit different, and it is pretty much rock solid. The limb pockets run across the riser. 

A single cam bow, like the Paradox, is well renowned for its technology – enables easy tuning and smooth draw cycle. While the 330 feet per second speed is not highly swift, it is also unreasonable to expect it from a single cam bow with such a straightforward and effortless draw cycle.

A brace height of 6 1/4 inches is standard for hunting bows. Shooters may carry only 20% of the whole peak weight at maximum draw because of the rollover of the 80% let-off.

The Paradox features split limbs that are utilized to store energy, just like other Bear models. The limbs feature an excellent contoured design, and they take on a new shape as they approach the limb pockets by the cams.

Also, I found the grip unique and wide at the top. Usually, when your hand goes in, most compound bows have square grips, but this one is different. However, it is the same as the compound bows in Bear product lines.

Another consideration is the balance of the bow. For Paradox, it is not bad, yet it leans on one side for some reason. 

The first time I shot this bow, I noticed it started pretty light in the draw cycle. 

Other specifications of this bow include:

  • 330 feet per second speed
  • 23.5 to 30.5 inches draw length
  • 45 to 60 or 55 to 70 pounds draw weight
  • 32 inches axle-to-axle 
  • 4.3 pounds unloaded weight
  • 80% let-off
  • 6 inches brace height


  • Amazing bow for only $499, which is a really reasonable price.
  • Only $100 for a factory accessories kit
  • Possesses features that are directly similar to any flagship model


  • Gives you a hand shock after releasing the arrow

Southland Archery Supply SAS Rage 70

Southland Archery

Based on my experience, SAS Rage is a compound hunting bow that is very accurate to shoot. I also tried adding up all the costs of accessories I needed to buy separately plus the bow price itself.

After that, I found out that the price is unbeatable! You can save a lot of dollars by purchasing this type of bow.

Some of my friends, however, have complained about its strings and cables as they break faster. But, I did not experience any shooting problems so far. I suggest you apply wax to the wires and string before using them to avoid this situation.

I do not recommend SAS Rage 70 to teens and children, especially if their muscles are still weak. The 70 lbs draw weight fits hunters with muscle-packed bodies, both male and female, with large frames. You can also tone down the draw weight to 60 and 55 for beginners to avoid an injured shoulder. 

Overall, SAS Rage is for new hunters finding a decent bow to use at a competitive price.

Other specifications of this bow include:

  • 270 feet per second speed
  • 26 to 30 inches draw length
  • 55 to 70 pounds draw weight
  • 35 inches axle-to-axle 
  • 4.4 pounds unloaded weight
  • 70% let-off


  • unparalleled value
  • shoots fairly precisely
  • appears to have been carefully made.


  • include an awful arrow shelf and bow sight.
  • The compound bow is rather hefty
  •  additional accessories make the bow much heavier
  • Setting up the SAS Rage is not made all that easy by the supplied handbook

Finding the Best Bow For You: Specifications and Features


Aside from reading all my takes on the different bows, it is also essential to know some jargon in archery and hunting.

This will help you better understand the bow requirements that will fit your needs. Here are some critical terms for finding the best bow for you!

Draw Length

The draw length is the proximity from your bow to where the string rests on your face. It is essential to know that bows have their point to be drawn back and stopped.

In other words, every bow have their own draw lengths, depending on how it is set up. Draw length is your limit length where you cannot pull the string further after that length.

Buying a bow with the wrong draw length can cost you a lot. Chances are you will get a new one as some bows do not have an adjustable draw length. 

Draw Weight

Draw weight is the poundage it takes to draw the bow back. Not all bows have the same poundage. Note that a bow has a poundage range.

For instance, my bow has 60 pounds of weight which I can pull up to 70 pounds. In general, most bows have a 10-pound wiggle room.

IBO and ATA speed ratings

The International Bowhunters Organization and the Archery Trade Association quantify arrow velocity using particular algorithms.

IBO speed is determined by shooting a bow with a 400-grain arrow, a maximum draw length, and an 80-pound draw weight (+/- 2 pounds).

On the other hand, with a 70-pound draw weight (+/-.2 pounds), 30-inch draw length, and 350-grain arrow, ATA speed is calculated.

Axle to Axle

On compound bows, the axle, a tiny pin, holds the wheels or cams at the ends of both limbs. The axle-to-axle ratio is the space between the axles.

Others measure 35 inches or longer, while some sizes range as low as 20 inches. Learn which bow fits you the best by shooting a few with various axle-to-axle lengths.

Brace Height


A compound’s brace height is determined by how far the string is from the pivot point of its grip. Faster yields are typically the result of shorter brace heights (where the string is closer to the hand holding the compound).

It is because you have to pull the string back over a shorter distance into a full draw as opposed to if the brace height were longer and thus farther from the hand holding the bow. 

Shorter brace heights bow models tend to be harsher and less forgiving than higher brace heights. As most contemporary compounds have braces that are 7 inches tall, such brace height appears to be the norm today.


The amount of draw weight you must maintain when aiming after pulling past the peak weight of the bow is known as the let-off of a compound. The formula of a let-off goes this way:

X = Draw Weight * Let-off (%)

the weight needed to be held for aiming after pulling over the total draw weight = Draw Weight – x 

Generally, shooting compounds with a broader let-off (such as 65 percent) is more pleasant than models with smaller let-offs (think 80 percent ). Today’s models tend to have a let-off of about 65 percent, which has become accepted as the norm.

Key Features You Need in Testing Your Bow

  1. Fit and Finish

Upon arriving in the shop, the first thing to do is get the bow off the shelf. In that way, you can look closely at its quality. What kind of materials does this bow is made of? Is the craft good? 

Here are the other things you should evaluate in a bow:

  • What are the limbs made of — plastic or aluminum? Note that aluminum has better quality.
  • Is the riser forged, extruded, cast, or machined from a single billet (best) rather than cast (okay)? Are the cutouts smooth and tidy?
  • Is the finish consistent, and does it look sturdy?
  •  What do you think of the bow’s appearance?
  1. Draw Cycle

To define what a draw cycle is, it is from the moment you start pulling the bow string. If the shop owner permits, ask to pull the bow several times slowly.

As the cam turns over, the motion should feel even and smooth with the least amount of grittiness or bumps in the road. 


A quick bow won’t draw like a sluggish one, be aware of that. To compare bows with similar specifications is the idea. Here is some consideration to make when it comes to the draw cycle:

  • The bow should not feel heavy when drawing
  • The draw cycle should be smooth and light
  • It should have a moveable draw stop
  • Easy to draw and let down
  • You can draw when you are sitting still
  1. Valley

Think of a valley this way: the distance the string can be moved before making a sharp turn away from the wall and toward the riser. To test, from the back wall, slightly ease up a little.

To simplify, a valley is an amount of how much you can relax at full draw before the string lets down. I recommend that beginners choose a more expansive valley since it is more comfortable. It gives you a room before the compound pulls you forward for arrow release. 

  1. Back Wall

The back wall and draw cycle are interconnected with each other. The end of the draw cycle is referred to as the back wall. As we mention, it is when you hit the complete draw, and you cannot pull any further. 

Other specifications and features to test also include:

  • Shock and Vibration
  • Noise
  • Speed
  • Balance, Grip, and Handling
  • Accuracy

Tips Before Buying Your Bow

Do not be overwhelmed

The first step to buying your very first compound bow is to stay calm. Please do not get too excited, as it can hinder you from landing on sound decisions. Try to look at all the reviews available on the Internet, especially on YouTube. 

Instead of reading random blogs, it is better to hear and watch archery talks and other related forums. Looking at the best compound bow or arrow and broadhead in the market in one go can melt your brain in an instant. Do not head down onto more than 40 rabbit holes all at once; take your research slowly but surely.

Moreover, do not expect yourself to be excellent on the first try. Remember, being patient and kind to yourself is a must. There is nothing wrong with considering yourself a newbie or a kid starting a new sport.

Overwhelming oneself with a lot of things can discourage you from pursuing archery. Instead, build up your strength and practice to get that proper form.

Know your size

Which age group do you belong to? You must know which size fits you. If you buy a bow for a kid, you should opt for low poundage.

Kids at the age of 12, 13, and 14 years old should have around 10-30 pounds bow type. This is just the standard size. However, I suggest you should still evaluate whether the size fits them or not.

Another consideration in archery is that we engage muscle groups, especially in our arms, in a way that we are not used to. So, regardless of age, starting with lower poundage is always better.

Understand your Draw Length


Your draw length is another vital aspect to consider when choosing a bow. Drawing a bow that is too short can ruin your form. Meanwhile, overreaching could cause muscle strain if you are going to draw super long. Understanding your bow setup based on your draw length is as important as the poundage. 

To have a ballpark about your particular draw length, measure your height or wingspan. After taking the measurements, divide the number by 2.5.

For instance, I am 63 inches in height, divided by 2.5, and then I will need a bow with 25.2 inches to draw length or somewhere around that number.

When you opt for measuring your wingspan instead, you need to ensure that you are not overstretching it. Expanding your chest will give you a draw length longer than your size.

Figure out your budget

After deciding on the mentioned aspects of the bow buying process, it is time to know your budget. Frequently this is considered the top limiting factor. It is why most buyers have already landed on bows that perfectly fit them yet cannot buy them. 

Expect to spend a minimum of 200 dollars. This price is the cheapest to buy a bow for kids without compromising the quality. Purchasing an adult bowling set has different qualifications from children’s stuff. 

For kids

When buying bows for kids, choose an adjustable one with low poundage. You do not want to buy them the most expensive bow as they may lose interest in this sport as time passes.

It is okay to settle for a cheaper and mid-quality set. Remember that they are still shooting at low poundage, and the force on their limbs is minimal. 

For grown-ups

For grown-ups shooting 40 to 70 pounds, I suggest you find a bow at local USA quality control. Moreover, we are talking about higher-quality components here.

Therefore, you should have a bow shop knowledgeable about how that bow works and its pieces of equipment. They will help you fine-tune the parts well, unlike those who are not experts in the field yet are selling. 

Hidden costs


When it comes to buying your bow, most of the time, it comes along with hidden costs. For the bow alone, in my experience, you should look anywhere between $300 to $2,000. Then the added expense comes in for the accessories needed to set up your bow. 

Non-negotiable accessories required for you to start shooting:
  • Set of arrows with field tips – $7 to $15 per dozen
  • Arrow Rest – $20 to $150 
  • Bow Sight – $25 to $250
  • Release – $20 to $200
Additional important pieces (not required) yet necessary:
  • Bow case – $40 to $400
  • Stabilizer – $20 to $200
  • Quiver – $20 to $150
  • Target – $30 to $200
  • Broadheads and rangefinder (for hunters) 

Maintenance Cost

You need to take good care of your bows for them to last. However, it would help if you also considered the maintenance cost that comes with it every year.

It would be best if you had it tuned up in an archery shop once a year. This cost around $50 to $150 depending on the type of service and shop. The string averagely needs replacement every year as well 

Finding a Bow Shop

I recommend buying your first bow in a shop where you will also take it for tuning and maintenance services. The best place to buy a bow is an archery shop. You will have the chance to talk to experts in the field. 

You must shoot different models first to benchmark them in comparison to which one is the best for you. They will also let you shoot multiple bows before buying.

To find an archery shop in your area, use the Google search bar and type “archery shop near me.” After that, I highly suggest contacting or calling the shop before going.

Especially during hunting seasons, archery shops can get super busy. If you walk in unannounced, they may not accommodate you and give you the necessary service.


What’s Better: Recurve or Compound Bow?

The answer is: it depends. Both bow types have their pros and cons. The recurve bow can be considered a more traditional survivalist type.

Some benefits include convenience in carrying, lighter than compound bows, and having fewer mechanisms to keep up.

However, its disadvantages include requiring a stable upper body strength for drawing and holding, it requires more expertise, and your proximity should be close to your target.


Unlike the recurve bow, compound bows require minimal upper body strength only. Compound bows, on the other hand, have more accuracy and power.

Also, it can still aim and target despite the distance from the subject. You can also customize your compound bow and attach additional accessories for added efficiency. 

In terms of its disadvantages, it needs more maintenance. It is also heavier as compared to recurve bows. And, of course, draw length is the main factor before buying this type of bow. 

Overall, you do not have to choose between the two. You must understand that compound bows are the best way to go when starting archery or bowhunting.

What Bow Size is Best for Hunting?

The general rule in finding a bow for hunting lies in its poundage—the bigger the critter, the more challenging and thicker its bones and chest cavity.

For instance, deer hunters should choose a bow with a 40lb poundage and above.

What Type of Bow Is Best for Beginners?

A recurve bow is the ideal kind of bow for a beginner. This bow will enable you to practice archery fundamentals with the most adaptable and affordable type of bow before thinking about investing in a more pricey compound.

Which is better: a used bow or a new one?

Do all the research possible when contemplating whether to buy a used or a new bow. It is good to choose an option that allows you to save some bucks.

But I have seen people regretting their purchase because it is not something that can be easily worked on. 

The danger of buying a used or an old stock bow is that the shop might not be a manufacturer’s dealer. Some parts may not be available anymore. In the long run, you are spending more on repairs and extra parts than you saved. 

What is a bow press?


A bow press is mechanical press that bends the bow’s limbs to release tension from the bow string or cables so that maintenance can be done.


I hope this post has walked you through the good to know about buying yourself one of the best hunting bows of 2022. Remember that one size does not fit all when finding your compound bow.

Do not forget to do a shooting test in the archery shop before checking the bow to the counter. Better allot a massive chunk of your time in trying out different bows than landing into the wrong one.

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