underground bunkers

15 Underground Bunkers for Sale

Underground bunkers offer a unique combination of discretion, protection, and long-term sustainability. In today’s unpredictable world, having a safe and secure retreat is more important than ever. As the demand for secure and sustainable living solutions rises, finding the perfect underground bunker for sale has never been more crucial. Key … read more

Preppers camping and cooking on fire.

35 Best YouTube Prepper Channels and Shows

The rise of prepper channels on platforms like YouTube and social media has revolutionized the way individuals approach preparedness and survival skills. These prepper channels offer a wealth of knowledge, ranging from basic survival techniques to advanced strategies for long-term self-sufficiency. With expert advice, hands-on tutorials, and real-life experiences, they … read more

Military on a gun fight

How To Win A Gun Fight: Military Gun Fight Tactics

In the world of prepping and survival, being prepared for any situation is crucial. Whether it’s a natural disaster, societal collapse, or a personal defense scenario, knowing how to protect yourself and your loved ones is a top priority. Understanding how to win a gunfight is one of the most … read more

How To Build a Survival Cabin in the Wilderness

Creating a secure and sustainable living space is paramount in the ever-evolving world of prepping and survival. Building a survival cabin is one of the most practical and rewarding projects a survivalist can undertake. Whether preparing for unpredictable natural disasters, planning a remote getaway, or simply aiming to live off-grid, … read more

Heat Your Home During a Power Outage

Alternative Heat Sources for Power Outages: Facts & Tips

When disaster strikes, and the power goes out, staying warm is essential for your comfort and safety. For those who believe in being prepared for anything, it’s crucial to know the best alternative heat sources for power outages.  Key Takeaways: This article takes a closer look at various options beyond … read more

The Best Eco-Friendly Solar Generators for Camping

Excited that you’re going camping? You should be! Apprehensive about what your light/power source would be? You shouldn’t have to be worried: there are a couple of excellent, eco-friendly solar generators appropriate for camping, and I’d be pointing you in the right direction with this article. According to information on … read more

Tips to keep Your Children Safe

Supervision of your kids is the key to their protection because they don’t understand the danger. They want to explore new things because they have a curious nature. We all take kids safety very seriously whether we are at home or on an outing.  It is necessary to teach children … read more

10 Best Survival Books for the Outdoors

Knowledge weighs nothing as the saying goes and the best way to gain that knowledge is through study and practice. While a lot of people try to learn bushcraft skills thanks to YouTube and television documentaries nowadays true students of survival skills will learn from constant practice and books. Survival … read more