Creating a Tornado Safe Home

How to Create a Tornado Safe Home

Nobody wants to get hit by a tornado, but for more than a few unfortunate people and families, it happens. Every year in the United States dozens of people are killed and injured by tornadoes that tear through their towns and cause massive amounts of damage. Thankfully, there are ways … read more

What to Look When Buying Scope for 6.5 Creedmoor

What should a buyer consider when planning to mount glass on this new cartridge based rifle?  When selecting the best scope for 6.5 Creedmoor, there is no doubt that you can get by with just about anything fashioned into a metal tube with glass on both ends. However, that is … read more

Diesel Fuel Storage

Storing Diesel Fuel: How Long Does It Last?

Having diesel on hand can be useful if you need fuel for a bug-out vehicle or want to power a generator. However, the shelf life of diesel may be shorter than you think. When a widespread emergency occurs, fuel is often one of the first things to go. Don’t expect … read more

NETFLIX doomsday Shows

Top 7 Best Survival Shows on Netflix

Someday you might find yourself in a situation that requires key survival skills. Check out these top-rated survival shows on Netflix and learn a few things about what it takes to persevere through any hardship. Binging TV shows on Netflix is a guilty pleasure of mine. Sure, I enjoy the … read more

Tips for Night Hunting

5 Tips For Hunting At Night

The notion of night hunting seems more intense and dramatic. However, if you ask the hunters, some would gladly admit that hunt at night using a night vision scope is more fun than the alternative. It adds a kind of thrill element to the whole expedition. There is no denying the … read more