Survival Basics: What Will Keep You Alive?

survival fire lighting

When a child takes their first steps as a scout, they learn important lessons of survival and preparation. It’s part of the scout motto and for good reason too. You can’t expect a 10-year-old boy to survive in the woods alone, but you can expect him to at least be…

The Simple Essentials Bag You Can Make Right Now


Let’s face it, when it comes to prepping you’re not going to spend the rest of your life walking around with a 20kg backpack of food, knife, axes, sleeping bags, guns, ammunition and everything else. It’s nice to look at and looks great if you have friends over to show…

Are MREs Cheap? A Look at Healthy, Inexpensive MREs & Alternatives

are MREs cheap

Prepping your own food supply for food on-the-go should involve MREs. But there’s a warning to that, watch out what you can get because some things can taste horrible. Let’s look at the quality of military MREs, and some better, healthier and cheaper alternatives. “These MREs are great, I really…

7 Steps To Prepping Your Own Food and Water Reserves

Start prepping your food supplies

Food and water reserves are the essentials for preppers. Without them you are going to be in real trouble whether you are in a flood, cyclone, financial collapse or worst case scenario. That’s part of the plan. If you’re a prepper, you are going to have enough resources for yourself and…

Economic Collapse Preparation List: How to Prepare for Financial Crisis

How to Prepare for the Next Great Economic Collapse

The worst thing about a financial collapse is that you cannot predict when it is going to happen, how soon it will happen, or how long it will last for. All you can do is take the steps needed to prepare for an economic collapse, embrace frugal methods, and start…

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